“At school, my art was described as bold. I think that is the underlying influence of my photography now. Whilst subtleties have developed along the way, and time smoothes and polishes the raw, I do endeavour to portray clarity in the images I produce”.

Ian Badley

I try to capture light, and its ever changing effect on the physical world in which we live. Without light there is no colour and we are unable to see. The varying luminescence of light and its temperature alters those colours, from cold blues through warm reds to monochrome at low light levels. I use these physical changes that occur throughout the day, night and seasons, to work towards achieving the aims I set myself.

Locations are researched well in advance and I often spend days returning to the same place and then hours waiting for the correct conditions to capture the scene. This, coupled with the fact that the suns’ relative position moves constantly, and we only get one of each season per year, means that a single image may take months of painstaking work to capture.

I entered the world back in 1957 and now live with my wife Julia in of the New Forest, Hampshire and have two, thirty plus year old daughters who keep leaving home for work and travel – and then return!

I first took up photography seriously in the late 1970’s using Olympus cameras photographing motorsport and now my professional career includes travel, sailing and landscape photography, commissions, commercial work and photographic workshops.

The Photographic Workshops are run througout the UK and Europe, where I venture to Tuscany and Provence, France. In addition, I take guests out on private ‘One to One’ sessions and run workshops designed for beginners and improvers in the New Forest and surrounding areas called PhotoTreks.

Back in my teens I started sailing as a hobby, which has continued into adulthood and evolved into being a qualified Coastal Skipper possessing Yachtmaster theory qualifications as well. Combining the art and knowledge of sailing with my use of light in photography, mixes to produce exciting action photographs and subtle evocative images, which I have developed into a specialist form shown in my website, www.PhotoSailing.co.uk

My images have sold (thankfully) around the world for travel guides, books, calendars, etc. have been used on BBC news items, national newspapers and numerous magazines, both retail and in house business magazines; plus commercial work for business and offices including two installations in an international airport over 20 feet wide!

In 2009 I published my first book, Portrait of the Isle of Wight, which provides a pictorial overview of the beautiful south coast island, with more books planned.

Commissions are also undertaken for sailing and travel magazines, books and commercial clients including Time Out in London.

My cameras change according to the requirements and I use Lee filters with Gitzo tripods and of course the excellent Lowepro camera bags and rucksacks.
Thank you for your interest.
Ian Badley

Ian Badley

PhotoSailing and Ian Badley Photography, operate as a trading name of
IBR Business Solutions Ltd, a Company No. 03842819 Registered in England in 1999
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