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192 - Gondoleer waiting in Venice, Italy


Images for Commercial Use

Ian Badley is a professional photographer and is well versed in meeting the requirements of both corporate business clients and private customers in the supply of images to suit their needs.

Ian’s images have sold in countries throughout the world. They have sold as illustrations in and on the covers of books, greeting cards, brochures, travel guides, company publications, adverts, newsletters, websites, calendars, office pictures and even mouse mats.

You can license and use Ian’s images for commercial purposes or obtain prints to decorate the walls of your office with individual or collections of themed images to compliment your interior design. His library of available images cover evocative and stunning landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes, beautiful modern and classic yachts in action, nautical hardware and food still life - great to fill a theme, plus many other genres available in black and white and colour.

Please contact Ian with your requirements or hire him to take some bespoke photographs for you. Email Ian Badley HERE...

Price guides are available for Commercial use of images:

FOR WEBSITE DISPLAY: Standard prices are as below:

Image Size
  • 170 pixel wide - £20
  • 280 pixel wide - £35
  • 450 pixel wide - £39
  • 750 pixel wide - £49
  • 1000 pixel wide - £59
  • 1500 pixel wide - £79

(All prices here are excluding vat)

The above prices are applicable for ONE of the following uses
A - Promotional email up to 12000 recipients
B - As part of a web advert – one website; one placement for one website; one placement up to 3 months.
C - As part of an editorial display for a private or club website for one website; one placement up to 5 years
D - As part of an editorial display for a corporate or business website for one website; one placement up to 1 year


Printed matter

Single use of an image to accompany editorial (non advertising) print, promotional brochure; Newsletter; postcard; or greeting card up to 20000 print run:
  • Thumbnail – (up to 25mm longest length) £29
  • Up to ¼ page £45
  • Up to ½ page £60
  • Up to ¾ page £95
  • Full page (not front or back cover) £125
  • Full Page (Front or back cover) £500
  • Over one page up to Double page spread (DPS) £250
All prices are excluding vat.

Please contact Ian with your requirements or hire him to take some bespoke photographs for you. Email Ian Badley HERE...

12 x 1210x10 deco


In addition to his large library of stunning images, Ian can be commissioned to capture the precise photographs that you want. Be they nautical, yachts or landscapes, for which he is well known or cities, architectural and property, which have also formed previous client requests.

He is the author of two books and contributed to a number of others, writes articles for photographic magazines and newspapers in addition to writing for his own endeavours.
His commissions have included work for Time Out, Savill’s, Rathbone Brothers Plc, Chewton Glen Hotel, Holiday Inn, magazines, publishers and printers as well as private clients for that special landscape or yachting image used for both business and pleasure.

Commissions are all about time employed. This includes preparation, travel, the photography on location and then the editing and processing of the images to provide the pictures you, the customer requires. Ian's method of producing images means that the production is a two stage process: First, the raw image is captured in camera; This necessitates editing and processing of this raw information to produce the finished images. Time spent taking images is roughly commensurate with the time taken editing and producing the finished images.

These photographs may be supplied in either digital form for advertising brochure, magazine or Newsletter use for example; or as finished prints to hang and decorate your office or private premises.

Portrait of the Isle of Wight LR

Event Photography

Ian does not photograph weddings! He can though recommend wedding photographs for whom he has the utmost confidence. Please ask for his recommendation.

Yachting and sailing events are another matter altogether and Ian would look forward to discussing your yacht event requirements, be they a club dinghy or super yacht regatta. Ian has photographed such events such as the Panerai Classics in the UK, Caribbean and Mediterranean; Fife Regatta; RORC Rolex Fastnet; SuperYacht Cup; J- Class regattas; Pendennis Cup; Paralympics; as well as Cowes Week and Round the Island Race.

As an example:
  • To attend a day’s sailing event
  • Deliver a selection of low resolution images on the day for your daily Press Releases
  • Deliver full high resolution edited images within 5 days later
  • Includes a five year license to use the collection of images for your own publicity and by third parties as editorial use to illustrate the event.
  • Fee £595 + vat. Discounts are available for multiple days. If you are unable to supply a RIB and driver for the photography, no problem, Ian can arrange this from his contacts for you

20151214 131001

Please E Mail Ian HERE... with your requirements for an all up cost quotation with no obligation

Band, Group and ‘Gig’ Photography

A relatively new addition to the services on offer brought about through demand for Ian’s skill set.

As an example:
  • To attend a gig in which you are performing
  • Take a selection of photographs of you or your band performing live
  • Edit and process the images and deliver a minimum selection of 30 images in low and (A4 sized) high resolution.
  • Includes a license for your own use plus licensed use for you to publicise you or your band on your own website or posters; plus licenced for use on an organisers poster and website to publicise an event in which you are performing.
  • Fee £145 + vat including up to 20 miles or 30 minutes travel. Additional mileage charged at £0.45p per mile and additional travel time charged at £40 per hour.

For an image to be used for retail or consumer goods e.g A CD cover or T shirt for example, the price depends upon the number of units produced.

A licence for 3 years worldwide distribution:
  • Up to 100 units £45 + vat
  • Up to 500 units £85 + vat
  • Up to 1000 units £110 + vat
  • Up to 5000 units £135 vat
  • U to 10000 units £250 + vat

Copyright for all images remains with Ian Badley Photography. No images may be used for resale or permitted for distribution to third parties without a separate license being obtained from us. All images are issued under license only. No images are available royalty free. If in doubt, please ask.

NO WM-Private-9721-2

Other commission rates

Rates vary according to the subject and location required, as some photography projects are quicker or longer to set up than others.
  • As an indication only,
  • To provide a selection of external images of a building or grounds using natural light
  • Includes a 3 year licence to use the images on your own website, catalogue, newsletter, press release or brochure; plus editorial use to illustrate your business in third party publications up to double page spread or A3 use.
  • Fee £145 + vat including up to 20 miles or 30 minutes travel. Additional mileage charged at £0.45p per mile and additional travel time charged at £40 per hour.

Additional usage fees are available for:

Advertising use: Defined as an image used in a printed publication, electronic media or television where payment is usually required for its display.
Product packaging and use on consumer goods

These are dependent on the geographic scope, duration, and volume of the campaign.

We are very happy to quote for your work, and will work on a fixed price basis from a formal quote.

In the event of needing to hire a location, model, Boat or RIB or in rare circumstances specialist equipment this is charged at cost and will be quoted for in advance.

21 foot wide installation at Southampton International Airport