Here are some short articles covering photo tips, experiences and photography advice, plus some of my own personal musings that you may find useful.

There are reports from photography trips, including the experiences, trials and tribulations that have to be overcome so that we can get 'the shot'. Such diverse aspects as camera care, getting down and dirty and even icy tripod feet are covered !

These are always written from personal experience, mostly my own, although there are also some photographic articles from guests as well.

When you read them, you will know that one of us has already broken, lost, slipped, forgotten, been down right idiotic or maybe, just maybe nailed a shot to be able to pass on the missive.

I hope you find them interesting and useful.

Kimmeridge Sunset


A guest article by Roy Brophy ...more

French Invasions


World Famous photographer David Noton gives his view on France and why he enjoys photographing there ...more

The right kit for the job


Musings on sensor size, dynamic range, crop factors and noise. ...more

Signal or Noise


What's photography all about? The 'Signal' or the 'Noise'. ...more

Travelling far


Less is more - now where have I heard that before? ...more

Wildebeast and Dolphins!


Knowing your equipment, research and processing ...more

Yosemite and the Masters


Why photogrpahy isn't just about taking pictures. ...more

So you want a new camera - why?


Why increasing your skill set may serve you better ...more

High Pressure


Whether it's weather or whether it's self imposed, read how high pressure affects Ian's work ...more

JPeg or RAW


An explaination of these two digital photography file types. ...more

Tools of the Trade


So, Canon has announced their new 1DX. Not to be outdone in this Olympic year, Nikon have announced their speed merchant, the D4 - a battle of the giants then. ...more

A trying time


A messy office, traffic jams, trial and perseverance - photographing sailing boats at Cowes and Weymouth ...more

Ready Meals


Why getting back to basics can really help your photography ...more

Blaming the dog


The weather and Scotland ...more

Spanish Lessons


An essay from my Andalucian photo shoot in 2010 ...more

Icy Feet


Look after your tripod... ...more