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Corfe and Kimmeridge

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Iconic images of Purbeck must include Corfe Castle and Kimmeridge Bay with its World Heritage rock formations. This ever popular day workshop has been designed around a very low tide during the afternoon at Kimmeridge and a south setting sun.

Following pick up point at Ringwood at 9:15am the day starts at Corfe Castle. We’ll climb the steep West Hill at Corfe to assess the various opportunities and possibilities this 1000 year old survivor of the English Civil War offers us as photographers. Then it’s off to Kimmeridge where after a bite to eat, we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon. Throughout the day you will cover, field craft, sun angles, depth of field, filter use and much work on composition, with my customary exercises thrown in for good measure.

The course will be geared towards intermediate level. Therefore to gain the most from the course, you should have a working knowledge of your camera including how to adjust the aperture, exposure compensation, focus points, and how to manually focus. A tripod is essential for the later shoots and likewise ND Grad filters are desirable depending upon the light. Some may also find a torch useful which together with your usual photographic camera and equipment should be about it. Clothing wise, good waterproof walking boots are desirable together with full wet weather clothing. As we will not be walking solely on tracks a reasonable level of fitness is required, especially for West Hill, Corfe which is steep and sometimes slippery.
It should also be noted that the rocks at Kimmeridge are loose, unstable, covered in weed in places and extremely slippery when wet, damp or indeed if there is a vowel in the month!

Corfe Castle

An important aspect is that numbers are limited to just 4 guests per tutor providing an excellent ratio of 'student:teacher' tuition for you.

Included in the price of £135 per person:
Tuition and guidance
Transport for the day while you are with me
Tea, coffee, bananas and Julia's famous flapjack

Not included
Transport to Ringwood/Corfe
Parking charges
Anything else not stated as being included

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