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IMPROVE YOUR COMPOSITION - Isle of Wight Saturday 24th March 2012

This will be a full day on the Isle of Wight, either travelling over with me on the ferry from Lymington or meeting at Yarmouth.

"You can be the most proficient photographer around, but if your composition is not up to scratch, your images will not do you justice."

We all want images with impact - images which say something. You don't want plain record shots do you?

From arrival in Yarmouth around 9:15am I will take you to a number of locations where of course we will assess the scene and take photographs, but the primary aim is to improve your composition. Assessing which lens is best to use; working out what to include and what to leave out; deciding which aperture will give you the effect you want. I will help you work through the decision making process, maybe challenging your thoughts and making suggestions as to why or why not a particular place would be good or not so good. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Are you up for it?

Low Tide at Compton Bay

There will be tuition on such aspects as use of filters, depth of field and the most important aspect of composition, adding in a bit of hyperfocal distance and creative aperture plus other bits and bobs as well. With a good ‘student/:teacher’ ratio, there will be plenty of time for individual questions and answers and those who have been before, know of the little challenges and critique given all designed to improve your photography!

The Quay at yarmouth on the Isle of Wight

Below are some comments from the previous Workshops on the Isle of Wight

Did you enjoy the Workshop?
Very much so, very detailed, informative and some great locations
Yes, it was a really good day.
Yes, very much
Perfect, excellent size to be able to get a great amount of one to one attention.
It was a long day, but it obviously needed to be to cover as much as we did. I think we were all prepared for that, so I would say it was just right.
- I was pretty knackered afterwards!
Having to think about composition at the lifeboat station, and also the exercise where we had to decide times of year/sunrise or sunset.
Checking out locations for future shoots (was most interesting)
Brilliant locations
Good - a wide variety - good to see some of the IOW
Your tuition is always very thorough and informative.
The pier, being set a bit of a challenge, good point in the day to get peoples brains working and keep the energy going by asking them to find their own perspective.
Enjoyed all the exercises - the pier, lifeboat station etc. Had to think about photos instead of snapping away. And of course the flapjack
Bembridge RNLI pier, so many things to photograph.
Had a really good day out, good company, varied locations and superb flapjacks.
I leant to keep the emphasis on less is more, be more selective. Ian's tuition is great in encouraging you to find the most original way of capturing a scene and utilising what you see even if it is not at first glance an obvious choice.

Are you up to it?