New Forest in Spring

New Forest in Spring

New forest pony and foal on a summer evening

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Green gorse with bright yellow flowers, long days, New Forest pony foals, fresh leaves on the trees, one of the best times of the year in the forest and all up for grabs photographically.

Starting at 1:00pm near Brockenhurst, we’ll spend time on the plain with the ponies, learning about how to photograph them, how to put them in the picture, how to capture the essence of these New Forest icons. We’ll then move up to the north of the forest where we’ll build in some landscape work with plenty of field craft so that means exploring the opportunities that abound here. We’ll stop for a light early supper at a local pub before dropping down to some of the forest itself with a pond or two thrown in for good measure, and maybe some deer if we are very lucky, finishing after sunset around 9:15pm

An important aspect is that numbers are limited to just 4 guests per tutor providing an excellent ratio of 'student:teacher' tuition for you.

Included in the price of £120 per person:
Tuition and guidance
Transport for the day while you are with me
Tea, coffee, bananas and Julia's famous flapjack

Not included
Transport to Brockenhurst
Parking charges
Anything else not stated as being included

To book, email here for a booking form