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Creative Photography Sessions


NEXT DATE (subject to weather) is MONDAY 20th AUGUST 2012
Planned for Mudeford Quay and Hengistbury Head 8:00am - 12:45 £69 each - max 5 persons

What is creative photography? Surely all photography is creative? Well yes it is. However you are reading this no doubt because you recognise that there is a difference between a full colour landscape for example and say a monochrome image of a lobster pot.

To me, it is a case of picking out the detail in the abundance of material that we have available to us. That is what these sessions are all about.
Panerai Cowes 2010-7211-2

You will learn how I approach this subject, what I look for, what I discount and why. You will see how I set up and indeed take some photographs, learning how and what to include and how to add impact. We shall take ordinary subject matter and turn them into works of an artistic nature, picking out details of tone and texture using the available light.

These will be designated ‘JOIN ME’ sessions. As such it means that I will be taking some photographs for myself for some of the time, but not all. You must therefore be able to work by yourself for some of the time or watch me as I work and explain my process. The sessions will take place when I consider the light and weather conditions to be good for the subject matter and as such, the dates are not set in advance.

There is usually between 1-4 days’ advance notice given by email, with the email only being sent to those who have registered their interest for these specific events. If you are unable to attend, no worries, you will be emailed again for the next session.

The various locations and subject matter I have in mind are:

Hengistbury Head and Mudeford for beach huts; sand and grasses; lobster pots; boat details and groynes
New Forest for tree and bark detail; pond reflections and flora
Isle of Wight or Purbeck for rock formations, rock pools and sea studies

These sessions may take place from April through to September. Some will be mornings, some afternoon or evenings and some all day.

The prices will vary according to distance and duration. As a guide, the prices may vary from £55 for an evening session to £135 for a full day. Numbers are limited to just five persons to allow me to provide you with suitable advice and guidance.

To register your interest please email here