Commercial Use

Images for Commercial Use

Ian Badley is a professional photographer and is well versed in meeting the requirements of both corporate business clients and private customers in the supply of images to suit their needs.

Ian’s images have sold in countries throughout the world. They have sold as illustrations in and on the covers of books, greeting cards, brochures, travel guides, company publications, adverts, newsletters, websites, calendars, office pictures and even mouse mats.

You can license and use Ian’s images for commercial purposes or obtain prints to decorate the walls of your office with individual or collections of themed images to compliment your interior design. His library of available images cover evocative and stunning landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes, beautiful modern and classic yachts in action, nautical hardware and food still life - great to fill a theme, plus many other genres available in black and white and colour.

Please contact Ian with your requirements or hire him to take some bespoke photographs for you. Email Ian Badley HERE...

Price guides are available for Commercial use of images:

FOR WEBSITE DISPLAY: Standard prices are as below:

Image Size
  • 100 pixel wide - £29

  • 200 pixel wide - £39

  • 400 pixel wide - £49

  • 750 pixel wide - £69

  • 1000 pixel wide - £89

  • 1500 pixel wide - £99

(All prices here are excluding vat)

The above prices are applicable for ONE of the following uses
A - Promotional email up to 12000 recipients
B - As part of a web advert – one website; one placement for one website; one placement up to 3 months.
C - As part of an editorial display for a private or club website for one website; one placement up to 5 years
D - As part of an editorial display for a corporate or business website for one website; one placement up to 1 year