Groups, Band and Gigs

Band, Group and ‘Gig’ Photography

A relatively new addition to the services on offer brought about through demand for Ian’s skill set.

As an example:
  • To attend a gig in which you are performing

  • Take a selection of photographs of you or your band performing live

  • Edit and process the images and deliver a minimum selection of 30 images in low and (A4 sized) high resolution.

  • Includes a license for your own use plus licensed use for you to publicise you or your band on your own website or posters; plus licenced for use on an organisers poster and website to publicise an event in which you are performing.

  • Fee £145 + vat including up to 20 miles or 30 minutes travel. Additional mileage charged at £0.45p per mile and additional travel time charged at £40 per hour.

For an image to be used for retail or consumer goods e.g A CD cover or T shirt for example, the price depends upon the number of units produced.

A licence for 3 years worldwide distribution:
  • Up to 100 units £45 + vat

  • Up to 500 units £85 + vat

  • Up to 1000 units £110 + vat

  • Up to 5000 units £135 vat

  • U to 10000 units £250 + vat

Copyright for all images remains with Ian Badley Photography. No images may be used for resale or permitted for distribution to third parties without a separate license being obtained from us. All images are issued under license only. No images are available royalty free. If in doubt, please ask.