Sunday at Elgol – a wrong decision

Fifteen miles east of Broadford lies the fishing hamlet of Elgol. Dropping down from the high hills is a steep descent with the isles of Rum, Eigg and Canna across Loch Scavaig.

As Julia and I hiked along the coastal path towards Camas Fhionnairigh, the clouds of precipitation were dumping fresh snow over the Cuillin’s some five miles across the loch. These clouds scudding in from the south west were interspersed with bright blue sky and shafts of ever diffusing sunlight. Chomping on a sandwich and banana sat on the cliff, with the crystal clear sea many metres below, thoughts emanated into how I was going to capture the scene back on the beach later.

Large round rocks, worn over the aeons, make up the majority of Elgol beach. The mix of Jurassic sandstone and shale provides much interest. Sadly, today being Sunday, albeit a Sunday at the beginning of March, too interesting!

As the late afternoon golden hour approached, my composition, all set up with the 24-70 lens set around 35mm on the Gitzo, remote release in hand, was interrupted by increasing numbers of other photographers. Luckily, they seemed to be setting up for ‘misty water’ shots, as opposed to the mix of textures and framing I was after, but there were loads of them.

Having captured the image I wanted, bracketing focus position for security, I wandered around the rocks, there were photographers everywhere. Looking east at the cloud bank I determined that any post sunset light would be minimal in any case so gave up any further effort.

I should have picked another day, and indeed may do so.