A bit of a blow

There has been a bit of a blow on Skye the past few days. The shipping forecast read ‘sea state very rough or phenomenal’!

As it was busy at the weekend on the coast at Elgol and given the conditions, we thought a repeat visit was relevant. How wrong were we? It was busier than at the weekend with three, yes three photography workshops taking place. Luckily they didn’t want the same composition as me so I got in, waited for the light and the tide, took my shots then got out leaving them to it.

Well, that’s not strictly true, as I sat drinking tea on the harbour side watching the deteriorating light just in case it changed. When you look at the weather for Skye, don’t believe all you see and read. Despite what is predicted, you can still have all four season’s weather in one day. That’s what makes it so superb.