One of the ponds on the Burley PhotoTrek
Joined by fellow professional photographer Barry, we had a really good PhotoTrek at the weekend in the New Forest.

Now, we have noticed an increasing trend over the five, nearly six years that I have been running these workshops for beginners and improvers, and that is the increasing number of women attending. Last Saturday's broke the record however with over 85% of the clients being female- brilliant.

Still keeping within our limit of one instructor to five clients to ensure good personal tuition Barry and I had a great time. The usual banter between us continued and although a tad chilly, we had good clear weather, perfect for tuition.

For those that don't know, PhotoTreks are designed for beginners and improvers and take photographers back to basics and build up teaching the fundamentals of photography to enable the photographer to have the confidence to take control of their camera.

The next one is in a couple of weeks (15th April) in the Burley area of the New Forest National Park. I can't wait.

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