If the size is important

Nikon D2xs-D800E & D7000
If size is important.

Over the previous blogs on the subject of the Nikon D800E, I have mentioned how it compares in physical aspects to the Nikon D1 series (D2,D3 etc) and occasionally also to the D7000. I’ve attached a pic here to show how the sizes compare next to each other.

In addition, on my highly accurate kitchen scales they shape up as follow:

Nikon D7000 825grams
Nikon D800E 1150 grams
Nikon D2xs 1400grams

These weights are with the battery, strap and body cover attached.

While using the Nikon 24-70 F2.8 lens with all three cameras, hand held it feels very well balanced with both the D800E and the D1 series. This is good as on the occasions, when I use it with the D7000, it feels all out of kilter with its diminutive body.

To sum up so far regarding the handling of the D800E: it feels a proper camera, sturdily built. It isn’t in the same league as the D1/1DS bullet proof camera range, both in terms of weight and additional space on the body for extra bits and pieces, but that is only to be expected. The weight reduction is certainly a bonus and my hope is that the weatherproofing is up to the mark, as I have a busy few months on the water coming up.

The D800E certainly feels good in the hand, with a solid chunky feel.

As an aside, just mentioning my yachting photography, the D2xs has performed faultlessly on the water, (and in fact under it on occasions!) for nearly four years now. It has never missed a beat and has helped me earn my keep. It’s just been away to Nikon for a service and replacement of all the seals, as I intend to keep it as one of the two cameras I take on the boats with me. I know what it has been through and without wishing to tempt fate, am looking forward to continued good service from the old girl.

The next blog will be about what the images from the D800E look like on the computer and then the first prints.

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