Today's Photography Tips:

Most days, I post a Photography Tip onto Twitter. Here is a selection of those tweeted already. Follow me at Twitter/IanBadley to see all the new posts.

Let other photographer's inspire you, but take your own photos, not theirs.

Give yourself a creative challenge. Move out of your comfort zone-you'll learn loads from it.

If photographing yachts from a boat, protect the camera, put electrical tape over the joints.

Most 'out of focus' shots are poor technique or too slow shutter speed. Practice and check.

Some the best sky colour arrives before sunrise & after sunset.

Keep things simple. Make it clear to the viewer what you are showing them.

When composing your shot, ask yourself, does it look balanced? Does everything add to the shot?

Persevere and the light will come

Overexpose when photographing dawn mist in Tuscan landscapes

When looking at a scene, consider how the colours interplay & compose around them.

When by the sea, use a UV filter to act as a sacrificial lamb.

Taking photos by the sea? Remember, salt's an abrasive. Don't wipe away your lens coating.

There is no substitute for practise, JDI - just do it!

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