Last week on the water in Falmouth, this week on the Solent

The seas around the coast in Falmouth are totally different to those in the Solent. The fetch is longer although the waves themselves are bigger providing a perfect setting for the magnificent Superyachts competing in the bi-annual Pendennis Cup.

There were two classes competing, the smaller 12-15 metre long yachts such as Tomahawk, Firebrand and Mikado, beautiful and sleek, and the Class one yachts.

These class one yachts are fast, superbly built, and simply stunning. The wonderful sail plan of Mariette of 1915, the 55mtr Adela, Mariquita with her 'overlarge' sail plan and probably the prettiest yacht, right up to the leviathon Athos measuring over 200 feet. Truly stunning.

Now, in the Solent, all green and choppy with a good breeze at the start of the week proving challenging. Some of the yachts ran aground in the cchop on Bramble Bank and the Panerai yacht Eilean also ran aground briefly at Gurnard Ledge!

The fleet for this event stands at over 70 yachts so there is plenty of action.

Images from these events may be found on the Yacht Events Galleries