A week in mutterings

Cannes - last time I was there
A quiet week photographically, with loads of admin back in the office. Well, it needs to be done. As ever, time spent planning usually pays dividends down the line and I’m hopeful that will be the case again. With workshops for the rest of this year and the early part of next already filling up if not full, I need to add more events into the pot, but as I say, they take time. Considerations of the rotation of the earth, the seasons and of course the tide if coastal, all come into play and need to be checked out. It’s no good me organising a dawn shoot and arriving late or going to the coast for detail shots and finding the tide is in and it is a spring tide at that, hence the admin.
Keeping track of the new camera announcements at Photokina has been intriguing. With Hasselblad teaming up with Sony with what looks like a tarted up Sony NEX7 at a purported to be vastly inflated price; the full frame 24mp fixed 35mm lens on the Sony RX1;a cheaper Leica rangefinder based on the M9 and a new 24mp Leica as well; Fuji has its cut down version of the pro X1 and its R&D team is exploring a full frame sensor; as I say, intriguing and of course interesting. Have you read my maybe controversial thoughts on fixed lenses and sensors on the Viewpoint page of this website by the way?
I had another organisation ask if they can use my images for free. They offer to credit me with the image of course. Why people expect to be given produce for free I don’t understand or accept. This happens all the time and my response is similar, “I need to sell my images as my mortgage company does not accept credits!” Add in that when a company buys an image they should credit the author any way. Rant over - for the time being.
I bought a new lens, the 16-35 F4 Nikkor, from London Camera Exchange in Southampton (Civic Centre). It has been on order for ages, in fact one did come in but I rejected it as the focus wasn’t smooth. This one is a bit better. As such I will now be selling my Nikon 12-24 F4, excellent condition, with its box, lens hood, instructions and faux suede bag. I haven’t fixed the price yet as they seem to be on sale second hand between £450 - £599. I expect I’ll accept around £490.
This got me thinking, I haven’t used my Hasselblad for some time. It’s a 500C with Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8 and a boxed, Hasselblad PolaPlus back as well as the standard A12. Do I keep it for occasional use or sell it. Offers anyone?
Bags are an issue. I have a number of Lowepro’s and a fully waterproof Overboard for the yacht photography, but like camera’s, cars and, dare I say, partners, everything is a compromise. (I do have to say at this juncture that my wife, Julia is definitely not a compromise. No one could perform the role better!) As such, I have been playing with modifications to improve the compromise of a couple of my bags, (no not the wife), with pieces of foam and gaffer tape all over the shop. As to the benefit, we’ll have to see.
Off to Cannes in a few days. More later.

Keep practising,