A few days in Brittany

The resultant photograph from the woods.
At the moment, I am crossing the English Channel following a successful few days in Brittany. The purpose of the trip was to check out locations and put together a plan for a Brittany photo workshop in the coming months. Armed with a map, which we marked with suitable locations on a trip a couple of years ago, we re-checked these to ensure that no buildings or other paraphernalia would thwart any photographic experience. We also checked out some new possibilities which can all go into the mix.
So, we have dilapidated fishing huts precariously stilted on the River Rance, which are always good for a misty dawn shoot – provided they do not fall into the river as some have; the majestic Medieval walled town of Dinan; wild coast and vast sandy estuaries; those typical French villages and woods and of course, an evening shot of the famous Mont Saint Michel.
Here are a couple of short videos which Julia shot to give a little flavour. Email me if you would like to be kept informed when the full details are announced.