A dawn shoot with Bluebells

An early start this morning. Up at 3:45am and left the house at 4:00am, drove 35 miles , then walked through the woods to the location arriving at 5:05am. It was a misty start with no sun for an hour and a half as its rays tried to force through the mist. Eventually it came though casting beautiful sunlight through the leaves onto the carpet of bluebells. This was a job for a client, well, part of a job for a client and for once, the conditions played ball. Then cloud came over and flat light ensued but it didn’t matter to me.

As I walked back to the car I had a ‘smug’ moment. A car pulled up and a photographer got out. It was 7:30am. He asked what conditions were like in the wood so I told him the best light had gone. He said he was disappointed when he had ‘put himself out ‘to get up early’. As I packed my gear away he asked if he could see some of the shots I had taken. I showed him the image above. He swore. I smiled and wished him a good day. Smug? Yep.
Here is a short video taken while I was waiting.