The Entree

The Entrée

France is a delight for people who like food. That’s not to say eating for eating sake, but savouring the produce, as my girth testifies. Becoming in awe at the flavour of a humble piece of bread as I have; revelling in the shear quality of a piece of cheese; or lingering on the flavour of a quality wine (or malt); they are all joys to behold. Marvelling at the artisans who make such produce or who treat the raw product with such reverence as to maintain or improve the raw product , must surely provide pleasure both the originator and the receiver.

The yachts moored stern to on the quay to the old port in Cannes provide such marvel and pleasure to me. The craftsmanship of the build; the beauty of the design; and the origination of design fascinate me. This, I think is close to my 30th day of Classic yacht photography this year alone, and I simple do not tire of the spectacle. Many of the yachts I have seen at close quarters on numerous occasions, not just this year, but many years previous as well. They are simply stunning.

Today on the water, the start was delayed a few minutes whilst the sea breeze grew, but when it did, the race was on. Typical Cote D’Azur blue skies prevailed with a few white horses to lift the visual impact of the sea as the yachts drove through the waves.

Photographically, shooting in these conditions is not easy. Think about it. Deep blue indigo sea, bright high sunlight creating specular highlights everywhere and then gleaming white hulls and sails with crew working in shadow. It provides a tough environment for the cameras to cope with the exposure, let alone the salty sea spray! If ever there was a case of maximising your dynamic range, then this is it. I do. I shoot in RAW. This means much longer editing but produces my picture with results that I am happy with.

As a photographer or artist, I am my own worst enemy, never being truly satisfied with my work, but that goes with the territory. I thankfully have a number of images that I am happy with. That doesn’t mean to say they are perfect in my eyes, just happy.

Today’s time on the water followed the usual protocol in this regard, a few pictures I am happy with. You can view them on the Panerai Regates Royales 2013 gallery here:
Panerai Regates Royales 2013