Lake District Workshop

Lake District Workshop

I’ve just returned from a trip to the north of England and then Scotland. It started at the beginning of October when I ran a workshop in the Lake District, Cumbria. We had a good crew so there were plenty of laughs once everyone had got to know each other. For me, there was only one workshop ‘virgin’, the others having attended my workshops before.

There are a couple of short videos at the end of this article to give you a flavour of the dawn shoots.

Typical autumn Lake District weather ensued, which provided the usual rain some of the time but coupled with great light at others. The workshop started with a trip down to Crummock Water with a view down from the fells. As ever, my residential workshops include time for critique and processing on the computer together with field craft. What is field craft? This is the process I go through to identify locations, when and where to photograph and what to compose.

We had some good dawn shoots at Derwent Water, Buttermere and another less well -known lake. In addition the crew enjoyed a long time shooting the variety of subjects at Ashness and along the Borrowdale Valley.

It was an enjoyable workshop for me and as for the crew, here’s what they said in the post event questionnaires.

“Loved it great tuition and challenging in a positive way.”
What did you enjoy most and why?
“Locations, discipline of rising early and continual support. “
“The questioning. Being made to think. Being made to look. And then look again.”
“You - because you challenged/pushed us to work on location/composition/time of day. Got me out of my comfort zone.”

“Great to work with a Course Leader without a camera and actually teaching and inspiring learning through a balance of challenge and support.“
“Excellent what learning is all about!”
“Flexible approach to locations and weather were a good model.”

“I loved it. The creativity it rekindled from when I was younger seems to have come back. As well as some basics. Learning the big difference made by small changes. And realising that I'm right more than I have believed has given me a greater confidence in myself. Not that I don't have a confidence but now believing that I think will start to come through in my pictures more.”

“What it has also helped me do is get clarity in how I wants own images to look. Hopefully this will develop over time and I hope to have improved by the time I next join you for another workshop (yes I will and not just for flapjack)...”
“Brilliant weekend”
“Seriously, a great weekend, great locations, great tuition, great company.”

“Back from my third workshop with Ian Badley and again Ian delivered. The sessions - morning, critique, location finding/discussion and evening shoots were perfect, not too far to travel but all very different in location and scene. I liked the fact that Ian took time with each of us and constructively challenged us to improve all aspects of photography whether that be focal, histogram or composition. And finally a big hands up to Julia for the Flap jacks - wonderful!”

Does this whet your appetite to join the next Lake District Workshop? If so email me HERE.

Here are a couple of short video clips taken to provide a small flavour of the dawn photography shoots.