Hebrides Workshop a success

Well it's all over for this year - maybe! Fantastic light as always, not all the time but that's what it's all about, the fabulous changing weather which alters everything. Being islands though, one can usually find shelter on one coast or another if it does blow. We had a laugh with plenty of the usual banter along the way. Harris is so different to Skye that it works perfectly into the mix. We even ventured to Lewis for a brief trip to a tiny hamlet at the end of a Loch which I had marked last year.

Here, an abandoned cottage in a number one position at the head of the loch, was being watched over by a pair of horned sheep whose sole objective appeared to be to pose for the workshop clients. Brilliant.

Detailed coastal work was matched with broad vistas on the Trotternish ridge and the wonderful snow capped Cuillin Mountains.

I'm staying on now to find new locations for my next workshop up here. Email me if you'd like to be included next year.