Fun on the rocks

Fun on the rocks

Armed with my camera, tripod, remote release, 24-70 lens and polarising filter I ventured onto the rocks on the Isle of Skye for a fun afternoon. It was overcast and varied from drizzle to full on wet stuff, but it didn’t matter one jot.
Dependent upon the strength of the light, the effect of the filter varied in the amount of reflection it held back but in every case, it held at least some back.

Apertures varied from F2.8 right down to F16 again dependent upon the desired resultant effect. Most shots were visualised as either 5:4 or square as the finished ratio, and they were taken according to the finish. Some however suited the standard 2:3 format on one as above a 3:1 format. Some of those snails were in place but yes, others were added. One even caused an issue because he kept moving! Yes, even a snail was quicker than me constructing, composing and taking an image.

The light was quite blue in the shadow but personally I like that and some fine white balance adjustment in RAW tuned this.
Nearly every shot has been finished with post process vignetting to draw attention to the main subject matter. This close up photography takes just as much, if not more time to set up. Rule of thirds, lead in, diagonals and selective focus all come into play here as they should be considered with all ones photography.

An enjoyable session.

More images from the shoot may be viewed in the Latest Work Gallery here.