Tuscany III Photo Workshop 2015

A few of the Crew an hour after day break in Tuscany
I'm back in the office now following the photo workshop run in Tuscany last week.

What a great Crew. All bar one had attended previous workshops with me. Some of them have attended many workshops with me including trips to Venice, Glencoe, Hebrides, Cornwall, Provence and Brittany, plus three of them had attended this same Tuscan workshop last time out!

We had some new locations for them and as ever, some great light on the dawn shoots, some with a decent smattering of mist, to produce some great photographs. The morning critiques were fun, with me reviewing and putting my take on the images for them all to see.

The UNESCO world heritage area in which we were based is the perfect place as far as I am concerned. There really is no where else like it.

Some points that came out of this workshop which may be of interest to many wherever you photograph.

1. I gave the Crew a planning exercise starting with maps. Many found it daunting and difficult trying to visualise from a map what the topography would be like and once visited in the afternoon, what it would be like at dawn. This is one you need to practise if you are to work by yourself and not rely on a tutor.
2. Following on from this, the use of a compass in assessing sun direction when in the field was found to be invaluable for them.
3. The following morning's photo shoot was designed to show how to put into practise the lessons from the afternoon and how crucial light direction and intensity was.
4. Less is more. Don't try to include the whole world in your shot, it just weakens the image.
5. The choice of subject and composition is even more difficult for wide angle than telephoto.
6. Recognising the light bouncing around in the narrow streets of a hilltop village is so important in working with the subject and exposure.
7. Knowing the image you want to finish with is as important as knowing what you are starting with.
8. Simple beats complicated a lot of the time.
9. Check your focus in the field.
10. Learning to read your histogram really benefits your photography.

Breaking up the photography Julia had arranged a visit to a cheese farm which in itself offered photo opportunities for the Crew, plus we had a wonderful lunch there as well. What a treat.
Dawn shoots made for 4:45am alarm calls but at least the siesta by the hotel pool allowed a few zzz's before reconvening for the evening shoots.

Alas it's now all over. Tuscany III 2015 RIP.

Tuscany IV - Bring it on!

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