Isle of Harris beaches

On an visit to the wonderful Isle of Harris a few years ago, having driven off the ferry in the afternoon, my wife Julia and I followed the light and headed for the western beaches.

It was one those early spring days, chilly but bright and the sun had started to wane across its azimuth to the horizon. The clear, windless sky held no barriers to the light and the near empty beach, washed over by the clean sea rolling in, set the diagonals to break up the sand. If you haven't witnessed the Hebrides beaches, please don't - leave them for Julia and me, and us alone!

Sending Julia up the beach with clear instructions for positioning is something she is used to. Sign language comes into play for perfect positioning of course. I recall a photo session on Red Point beach on the mainland where I had her matching along the shoreline for a good forty five minutes or so in a biting northerly wind - she was not impressed then.

This day was different. There was no bitterly cold wind and the solitude was beautiful.

Processing the image, it was all about the white balance and tonal range. To me, slight but subtle adjustments produced the finished image.

Earlier this year it was selected by one of my distributors who produced the picture in a gold frame as above. The picture was launched to the trade at the beginning of September and topped my sales list for the quarter.


I have to wait a few more months until I am scheduled to return to Harris and I hope my clients will enjoy photographing the beach for themselves.

Keep practising.

I am