Julia's words of wisdom.

With rain lashing down and Storm Caroline set to batter us all in the UK, the desire to get out amongst it all with a camera, wains somewhat.
Providing you are not so defined in your own photography we can still have fun – or at least experiment and increase our knowledge.

My daughter ‘phoned last night. She is off to Vienna for a weekend. Her late summer holiday snaps with a new Sony were marred by forgetting those all important settings, and she did not wish to replicate the same for this trip.
Although she’s been on the course; completed an A level in Photography; gone back to basics and developed film exposed with full manual cameras; a refresher was required. We were on speaker phone and Julia, (the wife), parped up – “Shoot at F5.6. If it’s slower than 1/50th up the ISO.”

No need for more. I’ll keep quiet then! Oh, the exposure triangle - That old thing. It’s the same with anything. You may have learnt it all at some point, but if you don’t use the knowledge regularly, one forgets.

When you think about it, the sentence Julia imparted is a good stating place with modern cameras. Small i.e. non full frame sensors don’t require as small apertures to achieve as great depth of field, so F5.6 works. (Even with Full Frame I use F5.6 more than often.) With good technique 1/50th second should retain stability hand held, and a frame with no evident movement. If it’s slower than that, increase the ISO. Simple. This assumes you were at the native ISO – usually 100 or 200 – which provides the best image quality and dynamic range, understanding that increasing ISO reduces that performance. But hey. A sharp image at lower quality is usually better than a blurry image at high quality!

That may be enough to get back into the swing of things and act as the catalyst to experiment with the knowledge learnt over time.

The main thing as ever is to keep practising. I am.