It's been a while but the waves keep moving


It’s been a while since my last Blog. Reasons – aka excuses:

Part 1. The Ian Badley Photography web was out of action for a couple of months while it has been rebuilt into a fully responsive website: followed immediately by the same treatment taking place on the website. Whilst the coding, corrections and updates were taking place, the old site could not be worked on in any way.

Part 11. Immediately following that work, in the first half of March I was up in the Hebrides, initially on the Isles of Harris and Lewis running a workshop in the best weather I’ve ever experienced there. Sunny with blue skies during the day for much of the time showing off the magnificent beaches to such good effect. This was followed by the usual strong wind and rain which adds so much drama to an already stunningly dramatic coastline and machair. I had a great crew with me and to cap it all, a late night foray into the mountains of Lewis produced a set images of the Aurora Borealis for them all.

Part 111. Following their departure, I went to Skye for some more coastal shots of that beautiful Island before returning to base at the beginning of April. Here the usual office work of suppyling pictures and images and some band gig shoots plus the inevitable editing and processing filled my time before heading off to Norway. I know most who travel to Norway are in awe of the Fjords, they are beautiful, and I am aware that I have not explored all the Norwegian Fjords but from what I’ve seen, in my view you have to put them in perspective. There are at least as equally – if not more so – stunning and beautiful areas in Scotland or the Canadian lakes. Just saying.

So now I’m back. The websites work. Things have changed here back on the dock. I first started running workshops back in 2006, initially in the New Forest for beginners photography, with Barry Whitcher. A chance meeting at the New Forest Show lead to a great time for us running similar workshop events for the National Trust for over four years.

Alongside these now infamous PhotoTreks, I ran solo workshops in the UK, including the never disappointing Kimmeridge and the Purbeck coast; Glencoe, the Lake District and Skye many times plus probably my favourite of all, the Isles of Harris and Lewis. Further afield, a couple of solo workshops in the south of France in Provence were always a pleasure, together with two in Brittany which provided that Gallic fix – delicious mussels and crab too!

Running solo again I ventured to the island of Jersey to run workshops for a number of years. With its amazing coastline and great people a mix of PhotoTrek style, more advanced and One to One photo sessions were provided. It is such an underrated place for photography but have a look at the photographs produced there (Google photographs of Jersey ARPS FRPS) and maybe it will change your mind. It did mine.

Following a recce to Tuscany, 2014 saw my first solo Tuscany event. An Agritourismo overlooking the famous Belvedere provided the base for what was to become one of our favourite workshop areas – if you know where to go to avoid the masses. 4am starts to get ‘on the track’ for the dawn mist were not favoured by some, but the results of their early rising more than made up for it.

Following discussions whilst camping in Provence over wine and the inevitable barbeque for a few days with the ‘world famous’ David Noton and his wife Wendy, together we ran a weekend of workshops back home in the New Forest. Bacon and eggs replaced freshly baked croissant following the dawn shoot and beech trees replaced pine but it was a great gig anyway.

Further trips to Tuscany followed but due to demand, I enlisted the assistance of Jim Pascoe on these future trips. We really did have some stunning photographic sessions there. Jim also worked with me on the sell out Venice workshops. Despite the popularity of the iconic city, it is amazing that you really can avoid the crowds and still capture the magic there.

A change in the market, other photo commitments and age, has been inevitable. As a result, you may have noticed that there have been less Ian Badley Photo Workshops arranged and that will now be the norm. I will still be putting on occasional Join Me workshops and other trips, but a handful at the most.

Talking of which, the Round the Island yacht race takes place on 7th July. It is the usual early start and I have been asked if I am running the usual Join Me on a RIB for this event as many of you have done so in the past. If you would like to do so this year or would like further information, then please do email me by 15th May.

A number of my workshop crew have asked me to put on another workshop in Venice. As stated above, previously this trip has been highly successful. If a photographic trip to Venice is of interest to you, probably taking place in March or November 2019. Again, do email me to register your interest.

Finally, a great many thanks to all of you who have attended workshops with me in the past. For me it has been great watching people progress from beginner to advanced and producing some really great pictures- some of them award winning! Unbelievably, a large number of people have attended over 20 days of workshops each with me, some 30 and a number even in excess of that! Unbelievable – ask my family!

I’ve made some great friends along the way and we have had some great laughs – many at my own expense but hey ho.

I suppose I had better acknowledge the support and encouragement of my wife Julia, maker of those bloody flapjacks which became the inevitable answer on the post event questionnaires to the question,
“ What did you enjoy most about the workshop?” Answer “Flapjacks!”

This sounds like a retirement speech. It’s not. Just an evolvement.

Keep in touch and keep practising.
I am.