What are PhotoTreks?
We have devised various treks that encompass an array of photographic opportunities which show the variety that the New Forest area can offer both visitors and locals alike.

What do we do?
On all of our Phototreks we cover photographic composition, abstract, landscape, close up, exposure compensation, depth of field, as well as camera technique and the all important 'eye for a picture', whilst enjoying a relaxing and healthy walk in the beautiful New Forest National Park area. This should enable you to take a better picture and see more of this unique part of England. Group sizes are small, usually between 8 and 10 people, making PhotoTreks ideal for singles and couples alike.

Who are they for?
Whether you are a complete novice, improver, or intermediate, a program of various PhotoTreks are available, as detailed on the Phototrek Dates pages. Full day, half day and evening PhotoTreks are organised and are available for adults and young persons over 16 years of age with parental consent.

If you wish to learn more advanced techniques then please see Ian's other workshops.

Interestingly we have numerous guests who have attended multiple PhotoTreks, many also progress onto the workshops and a number who frequently alternate between the two, saying they pick up something new each time!

What knowledge do you need to have?
None really other than how your own camera operates. With so many different cameras on the market, we cannot possibly know how each one works. Therefore ideally you should read your camera manual and practice how to change the aperture, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation. DON'T worry what they do or what they're for, we'll tell you that, just understand and practice how to change them. If your particular camera does not have these features, then again it is not a problem, good pictures can still be taken. Nowadays though, even modest compact cameras carry many of these features.

What level of fitness is required?
The forest and coastline is not very hilly, although some of our PhotoTreks do take place on parts of the forest which include some of the steepest elements. You will be on your feet or walking nearly all of the time that you are with us, so that means that on an all day PhotoTrek you may be on your feet for up to 8 hours, which will be new to some! We do not stick to smooth, level paths, it can get slippery and wet and people generally over estimate their level of fitness. That's a negative slant deliberately. Only you know your capabilities. If in doubt, or walking is not a usual activity for you, why not do some training beforehand? The main thing is that you should enjoy your Phototrek with us, and a reasonable level of fitness is required for you to do so.

Also after the event, you can upload images to the PhotoTrek Flickr gallery.

"Let us open your eyes to the New Forest"

All day PhotoTreks start around 9.30am and finish around 4.30pm. Morning PhotoTreks usually start around 8am and finish around 12.30pm. Afternoon PhotoTreks start between 2pm and finish around 5.30pm. Evening PhotoTreks start around 5 - 5.30pm and finish around 9.15pm. Times are approximate and vary according to the time of year and weather conditions. Joining Instructions will be sent to confirm meeting place and times four to five days beforehand. We regret that no children or pets may be brought along. All PhotoTreks include a stop for tea/coffee and a snack bar which is included in the prices shown. All prices are per person and include vat.

The original workshop for beginners, novices and improvers following a well honed format with hundreds of photographers having experienced one of these practical photography courses.