Based at Sway in the New Forest, the day has been designed as a Critique and Processing day with YOU processing YOUR images on YOUR computer using Lightroom (V5.7or 6). It is also suitable for those already using Lightroom who would like to see how I would process YOUR images - although YOU will be doing the processing with my guidance!

Photography is 'drawing with light'. We see the image with our eyes and use a camera to capture the information. What do we do with it next? We process the information and produce an image to view or print. This processing can take place in the camera (JPeg) or if you shoot in RAW, then externally using software.

I will be showing you how I process images using Lightroom - in fact they will be your images I'll be processing! There will also be some critique of the images as well - good and bad - from which we can all learn.

Introduction and Self Critique
We’ll start the day proper at 9:30 am with an introduction over coffee.

Your turn!
You will have the opportunity of me critiquing some of your images, providing valuable feedback on how I see your pictures, illustrating good and not so good points on composition, depth of field etc together with some pointers about things to consider when processing them.
Prior to the day, I will ask you to send me 20 of your images, full size ideally RAW images on a CD or memory stick (which will be returned). From these I will select a minimum of 5 images which I will ask you to load in RAW form onto your computer and bring to the session.
During the session we will endeavour to connect your computer to the screen and I will instruct each of you in turn as to how I would process your image, but YOU will be doing the adjustments and saving those onto YOUR computer. The whole process will be shown to all those attending and I will assess the images in open forum. You should then pick up aspects from your own images and those of others, to further your photography. (Depending on numbers, you may have to use your laptop on battery power only).

From RAW process to file saving
The processing will include selection of the images; the raw conversion including white balance, exposure, curves and saturation, dodge and burn. We’ll break for morning coffee and afternoon tea and biscuits and fill in any time with Q & A or self critique on my images!

This day will be interactive, with you asking questions at any stage. Please note, that I may not necessarily be demonstrating the ‘best’ way of processing images, just ‘my’ way and it is planned to finish around 4:30pm. I have reduced the numbers for this course allowing more time for each person to be using the computer. Numbers are limited to just 5 persons providing the opportunity of reviewing many images from which to learn and improve your photography.

Snow, path and Gate

The cost for the day including a soup and sandwich lunch plus the refreshments stated above, my tuition and advice is £129 per person. Numbers will be limited to just 5 persons on a first come first serve basis.

Email here for a booking form.

Terms and Conditions of booking of all my workshops are available from the listing on the Photographic Workshops page, and printed on the booking form. If you have any questions concerning the day then please do ask.