Guest Comments from Workshops and PhotoTreks

Here are actual comments from clients who have attended recent workshops. After each event I run, questionnaires are sent out and the replies are taken on board to hone events for the future. I have been carrying out this practice for a number of years now which has resulted in a high level of repeat bookings, hence the ‘familiar’ comments on some! here you can review the comments from the most recent workshops which are placed at the top of the page.

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Mudeford PhotoTrek - August 2016
Enjoyed all of it as I really needed to return to basics and remember all I've learnt before and cleverly forgotten! Liked the B and W way of looking at what we are trying to photograph. And seeing how " less is more" explaining why my pix are often too crowded and un-impactful
I had a great time and learnt a lot about how to use my camera (as well as how to hold it!)

Join Me on the water - Round The Island Race 2016
Great day on the water, tons of opportunities frequently triggered by the coach for great pics and a nice group of like minded considerate people.
You are the best instructor I know which is why I keep coming back. I haven't attended many workshops by others - perhaps 3, but of those only 1 was another instructor, the others leave you to your own devises unless you ask questions, whereas I want instruction, and appreciate yours and the way you do it.
The whole day was very well organised, from correspondence and instructions before hand and on the day, explaining what we were doing and the purpose of any actions and plans. The rib provided ample room for each photographer and the group nice and small. The whole time I felt safe and the skipper was excellent at getting us to where we needed to be for seeing the action. It was very well thought out. Ian constantly gave us tips and advice to make the most of the opportunity and answered any questions however basic. As always the flapjack and cups of tea were very welcome. My photos were very disappointing but it made me realise how hard it is to get a sharp photograph on a moving boat on choppy seas with the sea spray misting the lens hence Ian constantly reminding us to check our lens! It was a great learning curve - who can't enjoy a trip on a rib watching yachts and with a camera in your hand? I have learnt I need to be more selective on what I take, need to protect my camera lens better and have a better cloth to wipe the lens and try and get a firmer stance and steadier hand.

New Forest PhotoTrek - June 2016
I think I have begun to get 'aperture'! I've frequently been frustrated by my 'camera's inability' (!!) to take the shots I wanted! So the Auto is off and now I just need some fine weather to get out and try getting shots that I feel more satisfied with.
Although I had been told most of the main points about good composition I thought the exercises brought home each point really well.
This was a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a lovely Sunday morning in an amazing location. Good group of people and we all seemed to be of a similar standard so I didn't feel like the odd one out. I learnt a lot about my camera (as I hadn't actually had time to read any of the manual so I was glad you could both work out the bits I hadn't used yet). I finally understand how the aperture and ISO's work and how to set them. I also learnt how to take black and white photos and about under and over exposure. I was very happy that I could take a photo with the foreground sharp and the background blurred, I have wanted to know how to do this for ages now and only achieved it by accident before. It was a perfect pace and I never felt rushed. The coffee was very welcome and the 3 (yes, 3!) flapjacks were delicious. I can't think of anything I didn't like.

A Day in Dorset with Bluebells - May 2016
I really enjoyed the Bluebell Day and have one or two pictures I am very happy with, or think I will be after I have edited them. Thank you for a fun and instructive day.
As always Ian, you are so good and patient at explaining clearly and patiently.

New Forest PhotoTrek - February 2016
Thank you for a great experience, it was much more than I had anticipated
You and Barry were very patient, knowledgeable and informative.
I found it more technical than I was prepared for. However, I now know I need to practice more and learn more about my camera. You have helped me to understand more of what I have been reading.
It was good to stir my creative juices and to remind me of some things I had forgotten.
Thanks to you and Barry for an enjoyable and instructive session. I know Jan enjoyed the workshop too and I’ve passed your note on to her.
Apart from the fact that it was very chilly that particular morning and I struggled to make my fingers work, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. By the end of the morning, I felt I had some ability to persuade my camera to do what I wanted it to do, but I still have a very long way to go before any of it becomes remotely automatic. I had tried to get to grips with adjusting the settings on the camera, but my husband had thoroughly confused me and although I had read the relevant parts of the manual, actually being shown how to do things is a great deal easier that reading how to do them. I appreciate that you must feel very frustrated when people haven’t grasped the basic concepts that they have been asked to familiarise themselves with, but it isn’t always from lack of trying! I felt that it was very useful having Barry there a well as he had a light touch and explained things in a humorous way, which made him very approachable if I couldn’t quite grasp what I was trying to achieve
Fun and educational, We never felt under pressure and the advice from you both was excellent – thank you
I really enjoyed the workshop, it delivered what I wanted from it which was to advance my knowledge and understanding of my camera and the way to get the best out of my photography. Still so much to learn though!
Enjoyed the banter between yourself and Barry!
The group size was just right and everyone on the course were friendly.
The pace was good, with time to digest instructions and practice at each location we stopped.
There were lots of good learning points, less is more, taking note of lighting, the grid, not centring everything, how to not use auto, perspectives etc etc.
I definitely feel it was value for money and I came away enthused and eager to experiment.
Thank you bit for a great workshop.

Portland Bill and Dorset Coast Workshop - February 2016
Great locations and great to adapt and change the day to meet the expectations of the group and the weather conditions ??
The banter was top notch again as was the flapjack ??
Thank you

Lightroom Critique - November 2015
Good setup which was really great in understanding what was being done as screen was large so I could see what was happening as it isn’t so easy on my laptop. I tend not to understand the techno speak, but appreciate everyone else did. Put it down to being a female/male thing!!!
Everything I asked was explained clearly and easily. Lots of helpful hints were mentioned too. I loved that we all had different photos and so the techniques used to alter things were all different and those that were the same served to remind me of what had gone before. It was interesting to see others takes on the finished images and how everyone’s taste differed
I liked the easy but thorough professionalism of the facilitation, and that we ended on time too. I feel excited that I can better adjust my pictures now, and also can take BETTER ones!! Thank you!
Photography as a pastime is still a dream rather than reality due to commitments to work and, until this year, parental duties. Given the photos I have taken, comparing them to other’s shots and of course web and other published pictures, mine just did not compare. Now I see why. I had not time to get into Lightroom and post-processing and the course has now solved much.
In its structured way, the course introduced me to the new trial Lightroom software I had acquired. It took me through the relationship between file folders and collections; cropping; a workflow for basic processing with insight into more adventurous activity. The course importantly gave much information that will affect (improve) the taking of a shot in the first place and the printing/presentation of the picture later on.
I am now able (out here) to go through by back catalogue of photographs, albeit only the record style shots I have had time to take, and process and draw the best from them. Once (if) I get to my retirement, I now have further skills and understanding to help me get the most from our lovely surroundings and the time spent amongst them.
Did you enjoy the format?
Perfect, I liked the big, communal screen very much. It meant that I got as much out of other’s sessions as my own.
What did you think of the instruction?
Spot on. Experienced, to the point, based on your years of experience. I was pleased that you were able and willing to listen to the group’s problems and quickly tailor your course to cover those aspects too.

New Forest PhotoTrek - November 2015
Thank you for yesterday - I really enjoyed myself
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed myself on Saturday. The morning left me with some really helpful things to think about and a real enthusiasm to get out and take some photos (which I guess is the best measure of success).
Great location, wise instruction, fun banter and gave me confidence to handle the camera and use functions I’d not used before (e.g. white balance). The flapjacks were fabulous and the coffee much needed!
This was a polished workshop. At first I didn’t know what was expected so just took random shots to see how focus points and flash were dealing with the rain. As soon as feedback came in, and I realized you were looking to see how I was going about my compositions, I got into the swing of it a bit more found all pointers after that very helpful.
Advice was extremely practical and pitched perfectly. I felt sorry for Barry’s umbrella!
Learned about the downside to multiple focus points flashing on camera (had always thought that was a good thing, and assumed the lens wasn’t great when I printed pics that weren’t;as sharp as I expected!
Learned how to use Aperture priority mode effectively.
How to use exp compensation, white balance adjustment.
Explanations were all spot on.
Learned to be more rigorous about composition. New about rule of thirds, lead in lines, foreground interest etc but have had a tendancy to just snap and see a bit too much up to now. I will waste far less time with ‘non-shots’ in the future.
This was a very good workshop. Ian has a very clear delivery and I could hear every word, which is an achievement out of doors.
The information was pitched right for me. Most things I had heard of before but now I feel I understand them much better. It was nice to have both Ian and Barry available for questions. I thought the group worked well and nobody took over or dominated the session. The New Forest is spectacular and a very good venue with masses of potential for varied photographs

Autumn Colours - October 2015
I've read a lot of books and websites but its never the same as having the pressure of someone close by who will look at your photos, it made me think twice and when I made mistakes the feedback was invaluable, mix that in with some locations in the forest i've never been to and many small tips. Just using daylight white-balance has warmed all my pictures up and I now understand that I need to correlate the histogram when shooting to the resulting RAW image histogram, I can see my bad pictures are often underexposed and shifting them in post doesn't give good results and now I know why!
I was attending a course in Southampton, and since I'm living in Norway I wanted to do something more out of going all the way to UK. That's why I googled 'photography workshops' and 'Southampton' - and fortunately Ian Badley came up! I didn't know what to expect, but his images on the web and FB looked quite nice. So I decided to try him out. And I didn't regret! Ian never takes more students than he can handle - he was able all the time to give us a one-to-one feedback, something I don't always appreciate... But Ian always had a good point or argument or question - and I learnt so much!! I seriosly consider to attend to one of his other workshops - even though I need to go abroad!
A very good range of locations and a good range of lighting conditions, from dawn to higher brightness levels. Excellent weather organised for the day!

Two to one - Christchurch September 2015
I enjoyed the workshop and the company. I didn't expect to take as many photos and thought it would be more classroom based when we first asked for the course. However it worked very well doing practice with theory and I feel I learnt a lot.

PhotoTrek New Forest Wilverley September 2015
Really enjoyed it, should have done it years ago! Now I just need to practise!
I found the following most interesting, that you gave us tasks to do and then troubled to go through them with each of us this was very valuable
I liked getting to grips with the triangle and really beginning to understand the relationship between ISO SPEED AND APERTURE
The instruction was very good
It was the first time I have been on a course (and I have been on a fair few) that gave you explicit tasks to do and then criticised them in a constructive way, as doing is remembering it was very valuable. all too often I have been left to my own devices and wondered what I was paying money for or the groups have been too big and some folk have hogged the instructor, or else streams of jargon have been directed at me which is too much to take in. So well done!
I found the workshop, encouraging, relaxed, extremely informative and the content and way of learning for me was the most enjoyable. In addition to the above I have learnt that 'less is more' and it should be clear to the viewer what you are trying to show them, as you said there should be no questions. I have also learnt that I need to take my camera out more, practice and enjoy the pictures but not just as a diary, Many thanks again.

Join Me RORC Fastnet Yacht Race August 2015
Excellent tuition Ian, you made such a very big effort to help us and many thanks.
A great 4 hours of photography, well away from my usual landscapes. A good mix of advice, banter and your knowledge of photography and sailing. There's nothing you could do about the rather calm weather conditions be we still got into excellent positions to get the shot. As usual a great day rounded of by the always well received flapjacks, thanks Julia.
Lack of wind aside I thought it was well organised and implemented and did what it said it would. As usual you learn a lot from being with others, mostly through informal chatter.

Macro Workshop August 2015
It was a good day overall. The macro at end of day of the heather in windy conditions was frustrating but not the fault of the course.
Gave me food for thought in looking for subject matter for Close Ups and I wish to explore further the use of a lightbox for macro work.
My initial contact with you had been with a view to doing your Tuscany trip and wanted to do a one day course to get a feel for the
tuition and personality etc. I am pleased to say I am more than ever keen to do Tuscany.
Many thanks for the day and your guidance all very valuable.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day - particularly learning to get closer to subjects and having a wide range of subjects to try in the classroom. The size of the group was very good with good instruction and as always felt very free to ask any questions.
Thank you Ian, for your help and for reinforcing what I knew but get diverted from sometimes thinking I ought be be trying something else (which probably doesn't work). I really enjoyed the day and found it immensely helpful and encouraging (as always with your workshops).

Join Me Round the Island Yacht Photography June 2015
Really enjoyed the day, obviously like being on the water., liked the near perfect weather, learnt from the instruction
and was a real thrill being able to photograph the yachts at such close quarters
Value for money? Absolutely (I'd happily pay more!)
Another brilliant course and look forward to the next. Keep up the great work.

Lightroom Beginners Workshop May 2015
A very good course
You are always so good at clearly explaining things even if some of us take longer than others to grasp the point.
Excellent value.
I found the whole day extremely helpful as Lightroom is a bit of a leap from Aperture.

Keyhaven PhotoTrek May 2015
Really enjoyed the photo trek. Learnt a lot and grew more confident in composing a photo. Beginning to learn more about being in control of the shot.... Although need to keep practicing
Thank you both so much for yesterday. You are very patient with me and I appreciate it!
I found it a great session. Came back (collapsed for two hours) then edited all the pics and kept the ones to remind me of points made (I hope). I even removed some of the blemishes
It has given me plenty to think about and enough training to practice and see the difference in the use of camera settings.
Being such a lovely day and beautiful location the setting was perfect. I thought the group of people were good fun and willing to listen and learn. Tuition was very informative and made you think not only about what to photograph but different ways of how to take the shot. Getting off of automatic was my aim and this has helped me to do that, I now intend to practice the same shots with different settings to understand how to progress.
I thought the morning was excellent, well organised and the group size was just right. Ian and Barry were great teachers

Tuscany Workshop April/May 2015
Hotel, room and food was great
The workshops you run are great (better than ~?"!@ }*&%$) but I wish you could run more.
Very much enjoyed despite the personal unusual occurrence of being up for sunrise.
Most enjoyed the locations that reflected my best expectations of beautiful countryside; the "Ian and Jim Show" which facilitated some contrasts and good discussion points to ponder; and the Lightroom workshops, which were very instructive / informative.
I much appreciated that both you and Jim spent as much time as you did nosing around and providing comment, suggestions and advice as well as answering questions with all individuals. Also the "instruction" provided in the Lightroom sessions was eye-opening and informative.
Not the cheapest photographic workshops, but neither the most costly. Probably the best input from photographer leaders that I have experienced. Would be willing to sacrifice some of the trimmings of the hotel, although that may compromise the ability to attract non-photographers.
The essence of the workshop in such locations is knowing where to go and when - and this forms a significant part of the benefit of having your and Jim's expertise brought to bear during the short time available. So, where I thought the time to be "about right" above, this was due to your assessment of which locations would be appropriate when.
Excellent all round instruction; and a good balance of styles etc between Ian and Jim
Your instruction as always is precise, helpful and patient
The workshop from beginning to end was planned and executed in a very professional yet relaxed and friendly way. The locations were superb and the hotel was a gem. Definitely somewhere I would want to return. Tuition as always was very excellent with plenty of individual attention. I thought the tuition at the beginning got the day processing photographs from the previous day an added bonus. As always your workshop met all my exception and more.
This is the second time I have been to Tuscany on an Ian Badley workshop and I loved it all over again. The tuition was fantastic - the ratio of instructor to photographer is great. I felt like I received a lot of coaching and was pushed to think more about my photography. The hotel is fabulous - brilliant location and great facilities. Rooms are comfortable and the staff are helpful.
I enjoy these workshops and am sad that I don’t currently have anything booked in but it’s a big expense to fly from KL!!!
Thanks Ian and Jim - I had a brilliant time. Might even sign up for Tuscany IV if I can save enough money - RIP Tuscany III
Thanks also to Julia and Nicky for their support during the week.

PhotoTrek New Forest March 2015
All good.
No question was too trivial
Brilliant locations
I enjoyed the workshop. I know more about my camera in those few hours than I have since I had it and despite being on a previous photography workshop ( not yours)!
A very comprehensive introduction for a novice – I am much more confident using the camera’s settings now. I would definitely benefit from doing another novice Phototrek in a different location, to further underline the principles I learnt today. Thank you for your patience.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come along and see what it is that you offer on a Photo Trek. I really had an amazing time and came away feeling very excited about getting my own camera. My dad is a photographer and has been for as long as I can remember. He has always tried to explain things to me and is very passionate when he talks about his pictures and the camera, but I have never really understood him, which has put me off having a more difficult camera. Only spending four hours with you, has really changed my mind and made me feel more confidant. I learnt so much in just that space of time and feel that if I did some more Photo Treks with you and my new camera, I could learn a lot more.
The group size was perfect with you and Barry around, if you needed to ask a question, you never had to wait. It's a great idea having the two of you there. The timing was perfect and you didn't feel rushed with any part of the course. I would also do a longer one if there was one on offer. I like your idea of uploading your pictures, so that you can see others that people have taken.
The format was very good and when you explained things, you kept asking us the same things through the morning, so that we had to keep repeating, which makes you remember things more clearly. There was just enough information for you to be able to do what you were asking of us, but not to technical to confuse the people that were still learning!!! The location was wonderful with different kinds of trees and the different lakes. Any where in the forest is amazing and we are very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the country.
I arrived not really knowing what to expect as this was my first course but I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I learnt a lot about using the camera in aperture priority mode. I had previously read a lot of magazines and the camera manual itself but there is nothing quite like receiving some live coaching. I was very grateful to Ian for answering all my (many) questions, nothing seemed like too much trouble and Ian was always keen to help. Both Barry and Ian made the day very relaxed and informal and therefore fun.
Thanks for your time and tuition!!

Cornwall February 2015
Thanks for another great workshop, I'm putting the weight gain down to Julia's flapjacks and nothing to do with the beer you encouraged me to drink.
Instruction as always very good - way better than other workshops I have been on because you actually teach and seem to get to know where people are at quickly and know how much to challenge and encourage people to the right degree.

PhotoTrek New Forest February 2015
I enjoyed the Phototrek it was challenging and made us think about alll aspects of taking a photograph before pressing the shutter. A good location. Learnt a lot, Exposure triangle, histograms, less is more, control shutter speed with aperture priority, composition skills which I lack, and of course the banter with Barry. Not forgetting the coffee and flapjack to keep us going. I will now go out and put in to practise what I have been taught. Many thanks Ian and I look forward to my next phototrek.
I went on a phototrek with Ian and Barry a couple of years ago with my compact camera. I really enjoyed that day but was a bit frustrated at not having the control of certain settings on the camera. Having recently upgraded to my first entry level DSLR, I knew I would get more out of the phototrek this time around and be able to take more control of the camera settings. Ian and Barry are funny and informative in the right measures. The day was light-hearted but we learned a lot. To top it all off the weather was perfect and we were in a beautiful location.
A very enjoyable morning. Suffice to say that I was inspired to try out the techniques again on Sunday while walking at Keyhaven.

Lightroom Workshop November 2014
Being a Mac user and using iPhoto to file my photos and Aperture to adjust my photos this was a big leap for me as I have never really got into using other photo manipulation software.
Adobe seems to be popular software and giving up the chance to see the master at work (Ian Badley) with his own take on using Lightroom was not to be missed.
It was everything I thought it would be and I now have a good knowledge on how to adjust my own photos using the techniques as shown by Ian.
I will be using Lightroom for post processing in the future!
Love your images Booked the course to understand how lightroom works and def know more now than before. Loved seeing you alter our images. You made it seem really easy with amazing results.
Very interactive, all the questions seemed to tease out a bit more information, even if a question was repeated your answer would be clear and concise and show a variety ways to achieve the same result.
I learnt a lot and appreciated that this day is a starting point for me to go away and practice. You made everything look so easy.
Thank you for an enjoyable day.
An excellent day and thank you Ian for spending so much time going through our photographs and altering them with Lightroom improvements, that we need to be familiar with. A great help seeing our photos (and those of others ) and then seeing how they could be improved. I do not know of another course that does this. Please can we have more?

Venice Workshop November 2014
Excellent. It was very good having both Ian and Jim – you were both very helpful and made the effort to come over during each shoot to see what we were doing and whether the results could be improved. The supervision was better than many other professional workshops.
It was an excellent few days and delightful to learn and to mix with such a great crowd.
I was pleased for the opportunity to practice 10 stop filters. Hard taking good night shots and generally I needed more speed. Obtaining clear shots at night with no movement, was hard and I was pleased with my successes.
Thank you all very much for a very good workshop.
Yes, I am interested in Venice next year.
There was a good balance between photography learning and social . Everybody was given ample instruction time and the concepts explained patiently. I was never made to feel ignorant or stupid. I very much liked being told there is no such thing as a stupid question.
There was a good balance between photography learning and social . Everybody was given ample instruction time and the concepts explained patiently. I was never made to feel ignorant or stupid. I very much liked being told there is no such thing as a stupid question.
No-one can control weather, crowds and the water levels but I was very impressed in the way the programme was adapted to the circumstances as they occurred and making the most of the conditions added to the scope of the images I brought home with me. There was a definite ‘no surrender ‘ attitude which was great.
It was great fun chatting with everyone and meeting new people and it was lovely the way everyone got on with each other. I suspect most of the customers on the workshop were more experienced than they let on but I always felt that the instruction could be tailored to meet the abilities of those attending.
Fabulous instruction as always. You have so much patience and I never make me feel an idiot in asking any questions
Absolutely loved your workshop. Never a dull moment. Everyone was such easy company that it was a fun environment to learn in. Need to see composition and balance more when taking my images rather cropping later. Would love to go again in 2016. I had an absolutely fantastic time. Every time I look at my images I think of all the fun and giggles we had. Thank you so much for not only teaching us so much but for making us not feel inadequate in our photography abilities!
Fantastic experience, enjoyed every minute. Learnt I need to practice a lot more and think a lot more about the composition of the picture. Learnt lots of new techniques - 10 stopper, over/under exposing for portraits, focusing, composition, B&W, being more aware of the light, and many other tips. There was nothing to dislike, even the rain wasn’t a show stopper.
Thank you for such an amazing trip.
I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the workshop; the patience of yourself and Jim in dealing with varied levels of technique/ support needed by individual members (often repeated, but still with patience), and the immediate feedback given which boosted confidence. You always ensured an equal time to each person, not easy with 10 people.It was a great mix of people which added to the overall enjoyment.I found this time I considered the shot and tried to put into practice what you had taught. Enjoyed the long exposure shots.
Yet again, Ian Badley has provided great tuition and a fantastic time in a brilliant location

New Forest Autumn Colours - October 2014
As ever Ian you did a great job in sharing your experience and challenging us to think and not just taking us to a location and telling us what to shot!
An excellent day in the Forest. Great locations and you really do your homework so no time is wasted finding good places. Thank you for an inspiring day.
Varied and beautiful locations, presenting different opportunities and challenges. It was nice to play with reflections, colours and close up shots, finding subject in locations we might not have explored previously. It was a shame we didn't have more light for sunrise, but that cannot be helped and we were exceedingly lucky with the rest of the day.

Low Light Southampton - August 2014
I loved the evening. I feel a lot more confident taking pictures in low light and working with a tripod. A brilliant refresher for Venice. The evening was better than I imagined as you really got us to think about the shutter speeds and what you want to achieve in a photograph. I have been on so many trips with a college and we have ended up aimlessly wondering with no inspiration or tuition from the teacher. This night was the exact opposite, the time flew by and I came away feeling more confident and excited again to put into practice what we covered.
Loved the evening. Definitely need to check my histograms more and check focus. Something I did on my next shoot the following day. I need to be more thorough and to get into my head the f stops so I can calculate it all especially for low light. Loved the flapjacks and coffee. Nice touch as always. Looking forward very much to Venice.

PhotoTrek - New Forest August 2014
A very enjoyable time, a good opportunity to refresh the technical information and a chance to learn the composition skills that I lack.

A Day on the water at Cowes Week August 2014
Overall it was great. I wanted to get out of the day an appreciation of a sport that I openly know nothing about and hopefully test my own skills in being able to get some shots that I think (in my own humble opinion) were keepers. Not knowing (and probably still not) a lot about the subject matter, the location or how I would fair being on the sea for so long, it has been great to get back, download the images and realise that there are more than a few that I think work and that I will print out and keep.
As ever Ian, brilliant hence why I keep coming back for me, so sorry you cant get rid of me!

Close up and Macro - August 2014
As a purchaser I felt you organised the day efficiently, explained patiently, gave everyone attention and didn't waste time. Locations for taking photos were fairly close by with a mixed bag of things to shoot.
Ian you always deliver a superb workshop with a mixture of theory and practical hands on photography. Your explanations are always clear and having drawings and example of photographs is a great idea on a workshop
Meeting up with old friends from other workshops was an absolute pleasure and a great surprise. The workshop has enabled me to get my lens out of the box and start using it with some confidence. Practice of course will hopefully make perfect but having that knowledge of how Macro works is vital for success. The theory at the beginning of the day helped the practical part be easier and the variation of items that you had for us to photograph in an indoor environment in the morning was very good. Going into the beautiful New Forest areas that you chose was perfect with ponds, dragonflies, butterflies, flowers etc etc. All in all an excellent day
The workshop was up to your usual high standard and very enjoyable.
The venue was ideal, plenty of parking, good size room with lots of worktop space. Lunch was very good, the slight delay gave us all the opportunity to have a chat about things photographic, amongst other things, which actually worked out very well. I know it meant a slightly longer day for you both but well worth it.
The technical side was excellent and well presented. The balance between the indoor and outdoor opportunities was spot on and well thought out

Round the Island Boat photography - June 2014
You made many useful points and gave good guides to picture opportunities
I liked the way you pointed things out, and reminded us to check focus etc. I am one of those people who need little instruction technically (Shutter/Apertures to use etc). I found the ‘what to see’ instructions far more informative and insightful.
Overall, I went home excited, tired and with around 700 images. My mantra always is to 'get one good photo per shoot', and I definitely have more than one image I’m proud of from the day, so I’m happy.

A Day in Dorset with Bluebells - May 2014
Overall a very enjoyable day in good company & look forward to further days in the future
I appreciated the instruction & found it easy to understand Good value for money we thought Enjoyed the contrasting locations & the varying ways of viewing them

Brittany, France - April 2014
Excellent as usual Ian - it's what keeps me coming back!
Instruction absolutely superb. Very many thanks for taking the effort to see what we had taken and how it could be improved
Ian, this was a super workshop and I am pleased to say that I have now learnt more about focussing one’s shot to the main part of the picture rather than taking what the eye can see. I am now getting better photographs and many thanks for all your help.
It was an enormous benefit having you look at our photos in Lightroom afterwards and I really benefitted from seeing what could be achieved.

Hebrides, Skye and Harris - March 2014
I can honestly say I wasn't bored once in the
whole week.
I found the whole week an amazing experience. I loved all the locations
and your tuition was very good and thorough. I found myself automatically
checking histogram, focus etc without thinking. I also found the
Lightroom instructions helpful and have since bought it although not had
time to use it yet.
Almost finally, would you attend another Workshop? Just keep them
coming !!!
Thank you for a wonderful week in Skye and Harris, both of which are very beautiful in different ways. Ian, thank you for making such an effort in taking us around to such fascinating places, which were very good to photograph, but which also made one want to come back again for more visits. (How nice it would be to rent a little cottage and drift along in the Hebridean Way.) Thank you also for such brilliant photographic tuition – this is what makes an Ian Badley workshop so special – I have now come away having learnt a great deal in this difficult world of photography, where one is always trying to be better.”

Winter Creative - February 2014
I came away feeling invigorated and inspired.
I was a little apprehensive anticipating a larger group and lots of techy people who had lots of knowledge. I found the informal format and small group and excellent learning experience with lots of room to think as well as listen.
Love the experimentation and just hope the images live up to expectations. Really appreciated the time to ask lots of questions and am now off to use Lightroom in the cloud to better continue the post shooting experience. Thank you very much. I had a busy week and just hoped I would be on the ball. I came away with my batteries recharged.
Thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Good refresher on things I’ve learnt before, as well as practical application of things I’ve read about, but not really tried (Long exposures, reflections, multiple ND Grads).
Reminded me of how much I need to spend more time out taking photographs so that things I ‘know’ become things I remember to do!
Everyone was friendly.
Starting and finishing with Julia’s flapjack is always a plus point ?
Nice lunch
Enjoyed the creative aspect and composing in different ways. Looking at the detail and less is more was enjoyable. Would have liked more time at beach but understand windy weather was challenging. Liked the diversification away from straightforward/ traditional landscape and cropping in different ways.

Dawn Shoot - December 2013
One of my aims was to improve my knowledge of the south coast and find new places to visit. This was certainly achieved it was a lovely section of coast.
Thank you for patiently answering my questions on histograms. I am much clearer as to when I should move more to the right but that occasionally I am allowed to hang left! I was interested to find out that once in Lightroom (or equivalent) you pick the best (focus/composition) image at the lightest end of your bracketing and work on it to get the vibrance you envisaged. I have always chosen the one requiring the least computer work but will be interested to try your method.
Thank you very much for an excellent morning.

Kimmeridge, Dorset - November 2013
Enjoyed the instruction, which was clever in that you were not just talking at us, but testing our knowledge, thought processes, and understanding of concepts you had suggested. Liked the constructive criticism.
The main areas of learning for me were histogram use and benefits of neutral density filters. A lot better than trying to recover the sky in lightroom which can end up just being an unnatural blobby grey colour.
I enjoyed your strong instruction, questioning and criticism. Particularly pleasing was the fact that you did not once talk down to us.
I think the fact that you get repeat business from your participants speaks volumes. So broad shoulders are not needed it is a thumbs up from me!
Oh and I now know that seaweed covered wet rocks can be slippery!!!
Really enjoyed day. Looking forward to using filters again especially big stopper. Fascinated by light changing on shore and motivated to do more.
Tuition excellent and individually tailored. Thank you.

Venice - November 2013
Thanks for a lovely trip, we both thoroughly enjoyed our Venice experience. Julia - you are a very patient and fun tour guide! (A non- photographer)
To sum up I absolutely loved your workshop. The time just flew by and there was never ever a dull moment. The group were just so friendly and helpful. I wasnt sure what to expect going on a photography holiday but now know there will be no hesitation in booking another one. It was just so exhilarating. It was great to be with like minded people and be completely focussed on photography. Just loved it.
Thank you Ian for such an amazing experience. You and Jim are a great team together. Such friendly patient tutors. Couldn't ask for any more out of a workshop. Like to give the workshop a big P for absolutely PERFECT!
Thoroughly enjoyed it - would like to be on your list for next time please. (...and they are coming again!)
Most of all I liked the session in the evening photographing the bridges, I feel I learnt the most from that experience, understanding the working out of the speeds needed to achieve a low ISO. Not something I have done before, I would just have had a grainy picture. I also gained a greater understanding of my camera. I understand more about focusing and the need for accuracy. I would definitely like to return with you next year and even if the locations were the same I would still learn more and be enthralled. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Another great workshop in a beautiful location.
What really worked for me was the first session, a setting challenge to get us all thinking about the magic triangle of shutter speed, Aperture and ISO and then applying this throughout the entire workshop.
I would love to go back and really hope that you run this one again!
A brilliant workshop. I learned lots and in such a stunning location.
It was my first workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As both you and Jim constantly moved from person to person you were able to advise, praise or offer more guidance. Everyone then felt they were getting equal attention. I learned the importance of checking the image and histogram and then making the necessary adjustments...or asking what I could do.
Definitely would like to go on the next trip to Venice. Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

One to One - November 2013
Thoroughly enjoyed the day, learnt a lot and feel I did improve on my knowledge and skills and need to keep practicing.

Autumn Colours - October 2013
Composition, composition, composition. The exercises and the tutorial with your camera were good.
I particularly liked the composition tutorial with your camera/tripod. Looking at a a scene, the options, dissecting it, and looking at the pros and cons. Thought provoking. Very good.
I appreciated that you carried on to finish what we were doing rather than finishing on the dot
Group tuition was very comprehensive and detailed, yet there was plenty of one to one instruction tailored to each individual's requirements
It sounded as if the course would be taught by somebody with a true passion for photography, and that was what I was looking for.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day with Ian Badley instructing the Autumn Colours workshop. He worked tirelessly to understand the level and requirements of each individual, chose interesting locations with a variety of photographic "subjects" and paced the day perfectly. The way in which he continued the instruction whilst driving between locations indicated a level of energy and commitment which I had not previously experienced during the few courses I had attended in the past. I would definitely recommend the day to anybody who is beyond beginner and "off auto" Having said that, I personally felt I let myself down by failing to re-familiarise myself with my camera and past knowledge prior to attending the course (and tripod for that matter!) However, two days later, everything seems to be falling into place, which can only mean I absorbed an awful lot of information and tips in a short space of time. All credit to Ian for imparting that knowledge and enthusiasm.
Apart from the technical aspects of the exposure triangle, filters etc, I learnt for sure that "less is more" and also to take the time to set up the shot and get it as near perfect as possible. Prior to the course, I believe I thought much less about what I was trying to achieve with any single shot. Several of Ian's anecdotes served to stress those points very well.
Really enjoyed the day Felt I was being pushed to expand
my boundaries but did not feel stupid even if my queries
were! Good company Enjoyed the coffee & flapjack !

Lake District - October 2013
“Loved it great tuition and challenging in a positive way.”
What did you enjoy most and why?
“Locations, discipline of rising early and continual support. “
“The questioning. Being made to think. Being made to look. And then look again.”
“You - because you challenged/pushed us to work on location/composition/time of day. Got me out of my comfort zone.”

“Great to work with a Course Leader without a camera and actually teaching and inspiring learning through a balance of challenge and support.“
“Excellent what learning is all about!”
“Flexible approach to locations and weather were a good model.”

“I loved it. The creativity it rekindled from when I was younger seems to have come back. As well as some basics. Learning the big difference made by small changes. And realising that I'm right more than I have believed has given me a greater confidence in myself. Not that I don't have a confidence but now believing that I think will start to come through in my pictures more.”

“What it has also helped me do is get clarity in how I wants own images to look. Hopefully this will develop over time and I hope to have improved by the time I next join you for another workshop (yes I will and not just for flapjack)...”
“Brilliant weekend”
“Seriously, a great weekend, great locations, great tuition, great company.”

“Back from my third workshop with Ian Badley and again Ian delivered. The sessions - morning, critique, location finding/discussion and evening shoots were perfect, not too far to travel but all very different in location and scene. I liked the fact that Ian took time with each of us and constructively challenged us to improve all aspects of photography whether that be focal, histogram or composition. And finally a big hands up to Julia for the Flap jacks - wonderful!”

One to One - August 2013
Great day specifically geared to what I wanted to learn Ian was really focused on teaching me and I really like that he didn't get his camera out initially and was completely focused on the shots I was taking. Really aimed the teaching at a level for the knowledge I already had making sure I understood it in theory and practice before moving on. I am really looking forward to seeing what photos I get on my holiday which is why I took the one on one.

Cowes Week (Boat photography) - August 2013
Overall, very enjoyable day with good company and helpful, friendly and non-patronising tuition. Thanks Ian

The workshop gave me a chance to do something different. I'd never been 'to sea' for photography...unless taking a picture of the sunset from the IOW Ferry on the way back to Portsmouth counts. You were helpful and clearly knowledgeable, so this made it really easy for me to feel completely comfortable with the job in hand. I knew I could ask for help if needed. I don't think there was anything I didn't like...the joining instructions were clear, as were the safety instructions when joining the boat, leaving only the photography...and if that went wrong...that would have been down to me. Thanks again for the coffee and flapjacks...nice touch. A great day, so thanks again.

Round the Island (Boat photography) - June 2013
Once again - a thoroughly excellent day - I really enjoyed the early start - what a beautiful time of day. Please book me on next years Round the Island.
Thanks for another great day. I really enjoyed it - wish I could get out more
The spinnakers in the early morning light made a fantastic photo opportunity. I claim the 'getting up earliest' prize, but I'm glad I did. The later morning pictures (mine anyway) did not match the earlier ones but it was great being so close to so many boats. Details aspects were well handled. Joining instruction and pre-shoot advice was spot on and coffee and flapjacks were fine (again).

Day in Dorset with Bluebells - May 2013
I always look forward to your workshops as I know they will be well thought out and carefully constructed to make the most of the day. Being told there is no such thing as a stupid question always puts me at ease for the day. I never tire of being taught about the importance of light and being given examples to confirm it. The locations suited the workshop perfectly and even the weather didn't put a damper on things as I always like the chats we have with questions being asked by the others. All in all a great day thank you.

A refreshing change from formulaic approach or wander off and take some photos. It was good to have a professional input with constructive critique. Enjoyed the balance and variety of tasks and input. Also thought you were approachable and helpful to individual needs. Also appreciated the fact we stayed later because of time lost.

You took us to a stunning part of Dorset and I certainly enormously appreciate the homework you put in before the workshops.
I have learnt I am a slapdash photographer who needs much more practice and imagination. You have opened my mind to new ideas and creativity. This workshop was excellent. The locations, the tuition and the relaxed atmosphere including the teas, bananas and flapjacks made the day just perfect. Your tuition was spot on, noticing the gaps in our knowledge and patiently going over topics until they were fully understood. A fantastic day, the best workshop I have been on.

Thank you so much for yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. 1. Completely enjoyed the day and look forward to booking something else in the future 2. Learning about histograms. These have always mystified me. Plus definitely understanding more about the light. 3. There was no boring. The day completely flew by. 4. The length of the course was just right. Enough time to learn more but not too much time to be overwhelmed and tired! 5. Again the format of the day was spot on. A mixture of all sorts. Never staying too long over just one subject. Time to try different techniques and get the most out of the day. 6. The instruction was very clear and the instructor was very patient! 7. Yes definitely value for money. After having booked so many days out and not learnt anything it was refreshing to come away more informed and keen to try out what I have learnt. Rather than coming away even more confused! 8. The locations were beautiful. Places I would never have found by myself or even remember where they were! 9. Yes. Having seen your work,, and heard about your reputation for teaching I knew we would be in very good hands. 11. As I have previously said, my sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our day out with you. Your knowledge is immense and we know we have a lot to learn! I am a slow learner and it was lovely to have someone so patient and prepared to take the time to properly explain things. I think there is only so much you can take in on one day but feel I have a much better understanding of histograms and might even learn to love my tripod when I buy a new one! Learning to take more time over where the light falls and more thought about the image I am after rather than taking a million pics and hoping for a good one is also something else to take on board. Checking for sharpness rather than waiting to come home and then being disappointed with my images. Feel I must slow down and assess a location first. check the light, think about the image I want to achieve, take a test shot, gain a banker, and then push the limits with the light. Hopefully no more slapdash and hoping for a good image! Couldn't believe how much camera shake happens on a tripod so much make sure I have my trigger with me next time and lock up the mirror.

Isle of Skye – March 2013
Very well organised and very good being picked up each morning
Very good Instruction– your conception of creating the best image and teaching us what was critical to include in a photograph, was very good
Composition I found quite difficult – just getting more out of each shot – and your expertise and help was invaluable. Learning how to locate one subject in a shot, rather than taking the “record” shot of all the landscape.

'Two to One'– March 2013
Ian, thank you so much for your continuing help with our print problem - we shall most certainly do as you suggest and let you know our progress. I know I speak for Tony, as well as myself, when I say how much we enjoyed your company and what we got out of our day together.

Surf and Turf – February 2013
It was great to have you encourage us to be creative and going to the different locations which I would never find on my own. I learnt to get in close and we had the opportunity to use different lenses at different locations which was fun. As usual the flapjack was excellent !

Cornwall – January 2013
What a brilliant weekend - thank you very much.Excellent tutorials, nice hotel, pleasant people in the group and super locations. And to cap it all some wonderful light! What more could you want.Oh - yes - the flap jack! Thanks Julia.

'Two to One' – December 2012
We both had a very enjoyable day & learned a fair few things whether it be knowledge such as the histogram or practical approach for working out the shot you want & then the processes to give you the best chance of getting the right quality photo
Being Creative – November 2012
I came on this workshop as my photography has been lacking something over the past few months. I would take dozens of images then get home and look at them on a big screen and think ‘why did I take that?’
This workshop has made me realise that there are so many things to consider before releasing the shutter; content, composition, direction of light, distractions at the edges of the frame etc. before even thinking about shutter/aperture combinations.
This workshop has given me the guidance I needed to get back to enjoying making good images.

It was a great morning and thanks to your help I really feel I am beginning to understand why 'less is more'. Also how important it is to try and pay particular attention to eliminating distractions from the photo.

Autumn Colour - October 2012
The dawn shoot techniques were most instructive

I have been on three workshops (so far) and I have learnt more on these workshops than any time that I have spent in the classroom at college. I appreciate colour changes during the day, the importance of composition and balance, exposure but most of all that the only way to learn photography is to get out there and do it and that these workshops are so much better than reading books or sitting in a classroom. Your patience explaining aperture, speed and iso was beyond anything that I have experienced before and I feel so happy to feel I have now grasped it at last. Looking forward to the next workshop!!
Excellent as before not only were we instructed but you made us think about what we
we're trying to do and then test us with it. I found myself working hard to try and apply all that you were teaching

I like the way you instruct and then test us as we proceed . At the end of the day you make us think hard about all the different elements in our photos

Breakfast stop was good, food much needed, but a chance to talk with you without cameras generally
about photography , your work and the peripheral areas of photography

Very well organised and structured – breakfast break was just right and plentiful supply of food and drink throughout the day ensured that a lack of a lunch break was irrelevant.

The format ratio of 1:5 max is very good and I definitely felt I had a good day’s worth of instruction. I liked the fact that you didn’t take your own photos while the workshop was taking place (plenty of people do) and you ensured that all of us had plenty of personal tuition directed precisely at our particular needs. You asked challenging and highly relevant questions of all of us and you certainly made me question how much I really do understand about photography or indeed how well do I really know how my camera operates. For example I had never used the manual focus button on the camera (as opposed to on the lens) so it was good to find that out together with the demonstration of the actual difference between the ‘C’ and ‘S’ settings. You do take time to explain everything that was asked, no matter how apparently trivial or obvious and give practical demonstrations where you can sense that the explanation is not being understood by the participants

Low Light - August and September 2012

At last I understand the exposure triangle and will be able to do night shoots with confidence and that, after all, was the object of the exercise - result!

I learnt how to effectively control the shutter speed by using aperture priority, whereas I had been using the camera on manual.

It was the first time I had taken photos on bulb setting and I also learnt the effectiveness of mirror lock up, also new to me!

Although I knew all the basics, you helped to expand the knowledge, and more importantly, learn how to use and CONTROL it all !

The refreshments supplied were good, and saved us having to carry our own...if had even thought about bringing any.

Thank you for an enjoyable evenin

Excellent - learned quite a bit

I enjoyed the small friendly group, the instruction, knowing that I could ask any question without feeling stupid, the balance of teaching and practise, new techniques learnt and the calm easy atmosphere.

Thank you for a great evening last night. It was enormously helpful. I feel far more ready to tackle the low light than I was before

I feel I learned a lot but this is just the beginning. Have to get my head round the 'numbers'.

A Day on the water at Cowes week - August 2012

As usual this workshop had all the ingredients for a good days shooting, advice on all aspects of capturing the images I wanted, no risks to life and limb and the excellent flapjacks.

I really enjoyed the workshop - the whole experience, the boat trip, being so close to the yachts and having such an opportunity to take pictures, the instruction and way things were pointed out that would make good pictures. I liked it all

The day was well structured and very friendly. I was made to feel comfortable asking questions about anything that I was not sure about. Ian's instructions on what constituted a good shot was very helpful and allowed me to look at taking shots in a more structured way.

Being Creative - August 2012
Excellent - as ever! It's why I keep coming back! I always learn something new or thought provoking.

I found the whole an enjoyable morning with the chance to have someone encouraging you to view things in a different way, I don’t have a natural artistic flare and this sort of instruction is slowly making me think about the shot and what the final image will be.
I enjoyed the whole morning. I guess it was mainly a case of reaffirming stuff that I was already aware of - that's good. I did learn more about opening my eyes when looking for subjects.

On the Solent days - summer 2012

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and J-Class experience. Have learnt more about the camere and how to use it. The day has also given us more of an insight into composition and use of light .

Great day, good company. Liked the pace of the day with lots of activity. Learnt some new techniques and what makes a 'good' racing yacht image, even if it eluded us !

The instruction was relevant, well timed and obviously based upon a lot of experience and knowledge of the subject, which made it invaluable to those of us who had not done this type of photography before. We particularly apprciated the 'other pair of eyes' spotting the potential images.

The fact that I want to book for next year says it all.

A fantastic day out that few will have the opportunity to experience. Great photo opportunities in a small group with excellent advice on technique.

Really really loved every minute (well not so keen on the first few hours when I felt a little green)!!! Will be signing up for another course as soon as I can. Thank you very much for the day.

Very good - you are a great help Ian to a subject that is very complicated, if you want the best.

This is one of the highlights of my photographic year - lets hope it continues.

The days photography sailing with Ian was great fun. It included some great opportunities for both close-up action shots as well as some more distant shots of single and multiple yachts, racing each other. The day was introduced and MC’s well by Ian who gave us the benefit of his experience, constantly guide’ing us to look at different aspects of what was going on, what to watch out for in different shots and made sure that everyone gained something from the day irrespective of their level of expertise. He had something for everyone.
The day was very enjoyable, with the boat providing internal cover as we ll as a good rear deck area for the group to sit/stand to get their own shots. I think we all took many hundred shots across the day, which demonstrated the interest level of the group and the opportunities provided by the yachts.

? I set out with a small amount of trepidation, mainly because I had no knowledge as to whether I possessed any sea legs but also whether I could master photography in such a different environment. Fully dosed with pills, the Solent was kind to me and I thoroughly enjoyed being afloat, especially with a knowledgeable and cooperative boatman. I was totally awestruck by the size and beauty of the three schooners (?) - wow! From the photographic point of view, opportunities to take great shots were abundant, despite the slightly indifferent weather. Whilst it was good to take shots of the vessels themselves, some of the most rewarding images resulted from concentrating on detailed areas, as suggested by your good self. At key times the shouted guidance was spot on and helped us pick up scenes that would otherwise have missed. (When I say "shouted" guidance the shouting was to communicate above the engine, not because anyone was in trouble!). The suggested camera settings and reminders to check the histogram meant that I came away with a bagful of images ranging from the adequate to the very pleasing. Experience and confidence in my technique gained from this trip means that next time ( I do hope there will be a next time) I will be able to concentrate more on the quality of composition and not need to take the quantity of "just in case I messed up" shots. Thanks for (another) great day.

Great fun and look forward to doing again.

I loved it, sometimes money can't buy opportunities and experience like that so I grabbed my chance readily. As I enjoy movement in photography it was another challenge. Those on the course were very friendly and approachable and I was made very welcome. Our skipper did a great job and put us in some perfect positions ..... Oh, if only the shots would come!! I learnt that there's so much to consider due to the constant movement of me, the boat, the water and the other yachts!!

Thanks again for another steep learning curve!

The subject for this race was of personal interest as I am keen sailor and to see these classic yachts racing each other was real treat

New Forest in Spring
Instruction was very good and delivered with passion.
Better than anything I have experienced before. I felt you were on hand the whole time to cover any questions and to guide me in the right direction
I wanted guidance with landscape photography. Your website influenced me when I saw the standard of your work.

I would certainly and actually already have recommended this course to friends. I did find it hard to "see" interesting shots but after you telling us to break it down into chunk size pieces found it easier.

Stunning Tuscany - May 2012
What a delightful photographic course you ran

Thanks again for a fantastic week in Tuscany

You and Julia made a big effort to find out lots of locations for us, including good restaurants. Thank you very much.

Superb locations - must be one of the best landscapes and to get the morning mist was superb

Excellent format - never a dull moment

Excellent mix between Ian and Jim

The hotel exceeded our expectations

A well organised fun week, learnt lots and enjoyed the company. A great bunch of people who take photography seriously but not themselves. A big thank you to Julia who was great as the non photographer part of the organising team

St Michael's Mount and Cornish Coast - January 2012

Great locations giving us the choice and flexibility to stay longer/move on and even have an influence of the locations.
Company was great likewise transportation and teas/coffees and the flap jacks
Accommodation good
I really liked the critique
I look forward to the next course!

Critique Day December 2011

What did you find most interesting? All three components – critique of “our” photos, your workflow and critique of your photos.

This was a good venture. As the group size was small, we had the opportunity of looking at all 20 images that we had submitted which, in view of the range of subject matter, was useful

Corfe Castle and Kimmeridge November 2011

Instruction Very good -informative and you took great vains to ensure we all came away with some satisfying shots and lots to think about !

Locations stunning and provided lots of photographic opportunities

I had a great day. Initially I felt a bit disadvantaged as the other participiants had been on several of your previous courses and were obviously very familiar with your concepts and methods .However you were able to provide plenty of one to one instruction and I came away with a lot of valuable advice which I can put into practice in my own time .I found your routine and method of setting up shots very useful and I cant walk the dog in the countryside around my house without planning compositions! I look forward to coming again.

Portland Bill November 2011

Instruction understandable, comprehensive, valuable.
Good as ever.

Definitely enjoyed the day. Good format

Good value for money, was a birthday gift from my wife, however I would be happy paying for myself or a gift for others

Overall the day was great, can't stop telling people. Would recommend to others and hope to be able to develop my skills from what was taught and hope to attend more in the future.

New Forest Autumn Colours Workshop October 2011

What did you find most interesting? Learning about arranging the composition of the images and learning how to 'see' what was around us and what would make an interesting image that we would not have noticed before.

(Instruction) very thorough & delivered in a way that was easy to understand even when it was quite technical!

Instruction excellent - as ever.

I really liked that we were a small group, it helped with remembering names and bonding as a group and allowed for everyone to get the most out of the day. The early start though cold and dark and way too early turned out to be very interesting and the lessons on light and how quickly dawn arrived was a great experience that with hindsight I wouldn't have missed but I was dreading a bit the evening before!
I was hoping to learn a lot about the composition of images and the important elements needed to achieve this & I feel that this day really achieved my aims. I know I still have a lot to learn but by the end of the day especially in my later images I can see the changes caused by what I was learning to include/leave out of the pictures and the difference is amazing. I've found since I got home when I go through the pictures from the day that I'm working from the back rather than from the front as all the best images are to be found from later on as I started to use the lessons learned through out the day!

Excellent training locations

I knew about exposing to the right, but had not considered using filters to avoid a ‘dip’ in the centre of the histogram.

A good day out, I was reminded of a number of things I ‘knew’ but did not always remember, as well as learning a few new things (use of ND Grad filters with exposing to the right, in particular). Ian was keen to stress the importance of always questioning what you were trying to achieve (and how you were trying to do so) and to always check things like DOF and balance of things in the image.

Instruction very good, clear and concise

Great locations, esp dawn and the woodland

Great course, highly recommend this to all that are competent. Getting there earlier for a more in depth briefing esp as its such a vital part of the day. I found the whole exposure/histogram really helpful from the discussion in the car. Liked the small group and the way you asked us what we'd like to photograph. With all this in mind I would like you to put me down to come along to the two day Cornwall event (jan 22ish), that's if you'll have me along?

I really enjoyed the workshop and felt that I got quite a lot out of it.

I learnt a lot. I learnt about the rapidity of light change at critical times. I learnt that planning ( done by you in this workshop) means that one is then much likely to get good images. I learnt about my camera and started to get to grips with some of the complex menus that one can utilise. I was glad about the work that I had done in advance but there were other areas that I had not taken on board ( especially Manual focus and shifting the area that one is focusing on) that would have helped.

I was very happy with the instruction I received – You were patient. Clearly we had differing levels of experience which must have presented some difficulties but one wasn’t aware of it.

Advanced Workshop - October 2011

What did you find most interesting?
Thinking more; Hasselblad work with the Polaroid feedback
Understanding the principles behind using the Hasselblad
Getting in depth tuition.

Instruction? Again, as always, first class.
Excellent - as usual!
Definitely value for money
I know that I always gain more knowledge after coming on your workshops. I appreciate your teaching style. It was interesting using the Hasselblad - a new experience. Very good for teaching about composing of the shot. Made me think.
As usual an enjoyable and informative afternoon/evening.
Excellent. Instruction, inspiration & guidance always available when required
A good afternoon and evening workshop with 3 other keen photographers and an excellent instructor. I liked the chance to use the Hasselblad, a very different piece of equipment to my usual camera, the flipped view of the image takes a bit of getting used to but this makes the composition more distinct.
I wasn’t to keen on the ‘group’ selection of a starting image although we did have the opportunity to change this when making our own image.
I have learnt that I need to slow down a bit more and pay critical attention to the edges/corners of the image.

I find there is always something new to learn in photography, and the promise of the afternoon providing further learning was proven. I wasn't sure exactly what I would learn - otherwise I might have learned it already! - but my objective was to learn something more about making better shots, and that was fulfilled, even if I still have a way to go.

Overall a genial, relaxed and instructive day with enough but not too many participants to provide varying perspectives. Good organisation of the weather too....

Kimmeridge is a familiar location and it was good to be able to go there and look at it with a different mental framework. Working with the Blad was fascinating and deepened my understanding of some of the most basic principles of photography that still underpin everything we do, even with the most advanced digital equipment. The group side meant that you had plenty of time for each of us, even if one of us was miles along the beach from everyone else! I didn't come back with a heap of good photos; I came back with just a few, but, more importantly, I came back with a heap of knowledge that will allow me to get a greater proportion of "keepers".

A day at Cowes Week August 2011

Did you enjoy the format?
Yes I'll do next year if available
Yes, very much.
Yes, very much.

What did you think of the instruction?
Great as always
If you are running these workshop next year - please register my interest

Boat excellent. Excellent day out and thank you once again Ian for your help, guidance and questioning until we got it right

Provence July 2011

I came to the day having accompanied Ian on previous workshops so I knew the basics. I needed help with focussing especially for landscape work and we started on that issue right from the first location. I found the experience in the Market and around Ramatuelle very rewarding and our time at St Tropez was a major treat with the fabulous light.

As always, Very patient and helpful.
I keep coming back

I was delighted that we had good weather and good light all day. Ian's tuition is always helpful and challenging and I enjoy his company. I needed help with specific things and that is what I received. The format was perfect, just what I had hoped for, and the day passed by very quickly.

Instruction superb as usual.

All Luberon area superb - just loved villages and on 3rd day spent a while at lacoste

Came away with some good images but overall realisation of importance of knowing like secondnature "the link between the three points of triangle" i.e.Values of ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture and remembering to check all three for each shot.
Extremely valuable seeing what you Ian can do to shots with Lightroom and need more tuition in this. Particularly pleasant having Julia accompany us.

Overall it was a very useful workshop and has got us thinking more now about our photos rather than just pointing and snapping at will - Val was struggling a bit with trying to use manual focus incl DOF preview button - useful tips about use of liveview to assist with focusing and more use of the histogram.
Round the Island June 2011

I just wanted to say what a terrific day you arranged. The weather did incredibly well to provide the best action shots I have ever brought home. I was so excited with the results

An excellent day all round. Book me in for Cowes Week!

It was expensive but worth every penny.

A fantastic opportunity to be up close to the action of a great event. Good instruction, relaxed format and overall a great chance to take some photos. Would definitely recommend to others.

The whole idea together with local knowledge and experience made it a day to remember

Spring in the New Forest May 2011

Another great day out in the Dorset countryside. You found some great locations and I find the format of the workshops to be very good. Highly recommended.

Most interesting? - Being given personal help and not being allowed to sit at the back. The continual interactive method forces you to think and you gain far more than most courses.

Very good interactive workshop. I usually come away with one good tip from any day's course but this one I came away with 4 at least.

1 always plan your shots ahead
2 pay particular attention to the histogram and know how to react to the information it gives you
3 how to darken and lighten the shot quickly (on my Canon)
4 using the triad of av, tv and ISO to full advantage

I will recommend this course highly to my camera club. Thank you again for a very good day.

It was up to its usual high standard

Most interesting? - the challanges, you keep making me think!!

Did you enjoy the format? Yes as it not only covers the photography but what you need prior to and during

It was an enjoyable day out which went too quickly, covering a ragions of needs which helped cement them in my head and hopefully I'll remember when I move to NZ - if not then I might be emailing from there!!

Think outside the norm is challenging and enjoyable - overall a great day out with only one issue - not enough corners available in the flapjack box!

A Day in Dorset April 2011

A super day as always.

Great fun and excellent instruction.

I enjoyed the first stop at the church ruins - the discussion about different lighting conditions, times of the year, compositions etc . It's a good subject to have that sort of discussion.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I struggled in some area - but that's good - if I didn't it wouldn't be worth being there. Mostly down to my lack of skill with composition and "seeing" the shot. I don't think I took anything that I'm particularly proud of (particularly of the Bluebells!) but that doesn't matter at all - I learned lots and will use that to improve in the future.

A most enjoyable day!
Bluebell woods; also the last bit in the beech avenue around Badbury Rings. I have tried photographing these before but have never really been satisfied with the pictures . . much better this time!

Didn’t find any of it boring . . all activities were interesting to a greater or lesser extent.

Overall, a very good day. Helped to reinforce some of the key principles about composition and other technical issues you raised in the Autumn colours workshop I attended last October. Whether I am able to consistently apply these in future practice remains to be seen!

Most interesting?

Low Light Workshop April 2011

What did you find most interesting?: Your theme of looking for the balance between the sky and the land and how to work with it. Also I learned some new tips

I needed some help with low-light photography because my own efforts previously had been poor. I learned a lot, as always, and I enjoyed the format

I really enjoyed taking the photos from the walls, moving on to the pier gave the opportunity to try techniques learned.

Having the discussion beforehand is really useful without the desire to fiddle with the camera.

Very much enjoyed the workshop, learned a lot about the use of the histogram and altering the exposure. Plus the pictures came out pretty good.

I enjoyed the workshop very much indeed.

Personally the format was just right for the topic, also the location, it gave the opportunity and scope to put into practice what we had learnt in the first part of the evening.

For some time I have been wanting to spend time doing low light photography, reading articles helps but not as much as practical sessions. The evening was well presented with just about the right amount of talk followed by a very good practical session. The fact that there was a small number in the group meant that there was time for individual tuition which I found very helpful.Having the opportunity to put into practice the talk session straight ater was helpful.
The whole evening was well run with lots of information followed by a excllent practical session.
Thank you Ian
'Join Me' Kimmeridge - March 2011

One of the best! (..and I've been on a few.)

As you know I have a short attention span, but you hardly saw me all afternoon, because I was enjoying it all so much!

The waterfall - could have spent all day there!

Trying out taking close in shots of interesting patterns in the rock formations - something I'm not very good at.

I enjoyed most your discussions about the fading evening light and the improvement in the balance as it got darker.

I always seem to pick up little things during your discussions, and you also reinforce stuff that I already know - it's good to be reminded about things. The main thing I will bring away from yesterday is the balance between light and dark after the sun goes down - obvious really - but I just never realised the importance of it - even though I have taken, pre dawn, long exposure shots like that before. I also learned to remember to carry a torch with me!

Fantastic location and surprisingly challenging.

Join Me, it’s a really good way of knowing the location, lighting tides etc is going to give great opportunities. The only way to get more out of it would be to have pre-conceived ideas on what I want to learn and pre-visualisation of the images I want to generate – that’s more down to me than Ian though!

Thanks Ian – a great join me.

A most enjoyable afternoon - many thanks

Scotland- February 2011

What did you find most interesting?- learning about aperture / shutter speed settings for various differnt situations

Getting to grips with the basics of digital and seeing what you can obtain following development.

Was it instructive enough? - yes thank you - the evenings for me were very valuable learning about Lightroom and seeing our images and learning about how they could be improved ready for the next day.

Just the right amount of technical and practical

I loved the workshop and am very grateful to you for running it. I learnt so much in those few days - so much so, that I should not have been let out on my own with a camera before. just can't wait till the next one.

I had a great time, and learnt lots, it was really useful to me to understand both sides of the process and to realise what can be achieved in the processing side, so the evenings were very useful.

Very many thanks.

Cornwall Weekend- January 2011

A good mix of photography, LR/Photoshop and general discussion.

There was nothing boring about the workshop.
About the right time, maybe another day would allow one more small area to be shot.

Good format, informal but very informative

I feel that the level of instruction was at the right level, I could do my own thing but there was always your advice at hand when I needed it.

Excellent value.

I had a really good weekend, good company, good locations and excellent instruction and advice always on hand.

Your knowledge of the area and the ability to adapt to the weather was a real bonus.

I can now appreciate even more the benefit of planning and having some alternatives mapped out.

I also know that it’s possible to put on half a stone over a weekend, I blame the flapjacks!

Portland Bill and Coast - January 2011

An excellent combination of locations

You really are an excellent tutor. I have never felt any real desire to go to anyone else simply because I don’t think they will get anywhere near your level of tuition. I enjoy the way you challenge me in my thinking (or lack thereof) both compositionally and technically. The group size is perfect in that you have enough time for everyone to get individual attention, leaving others to get on by themselves without feeling “neglected”. Your emphasis on planning and research is appropriate.

Very much enjoyed the workshop - for the first time I felt I could 'hold my own' to some degree

I found them (the locations) challenging, thought provoking and they offered a range of opportunities

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I think one of the most important aspects was the importance of thinking ahead about tides, weather etc

Corfe and Kimmeridge - November 2010

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable

Both locations were very good

The whole day for me was a great success, the differing locations and weather conditions offered a wide range of differing challenges

With regards what I learnt, there were many things, but I suppose the two key ones were explore your location and see what the options are and that hyper focal distance is potentially more about experience and practise rather than reading a number of a chart and having to carry a tape measure!

Superb (instruction) and many thanks for being so patient - we all seemed to have problems with "Depth of Field" and you were very helpful explaining apertures and shutter speeds.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the comraderie of being with other photographers. Ian, you were extremely helpful and went out of your way to ensure that we learnt the correct techniques, which many other courses don't do - thank you.

This was my first experience of a workshop and I must say I did enjoy it very much and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and good advice you gave me. I did learn a lot and you have made me think a lot more before taking a photograph, the focusing and composition advice was very good and has sunk in.
I think you got the whole day timed very well and the timing was just right for me. The locations were very good, and I did like the completely different locations.
I will be back again hopefully a day again next year, so thanks again and for a great day.

Autumn Colours - New Forest
(two days) October 2010

A thoroughly enjoyable day exploring stunning locations in good company. Ian is a brilliant tutor, with a deceptively easy style and mastery of his subject. His eye for a good picture is unrivalled. This is the fourth workshop I've been to. With each one I find it really useful to have gentle re-enforcement of basic techniques, learning new ones and the opportunity to work on some really focussed picture taking in a supportive environment. I always come away with new ideas, tips and skills.

(Enjoyed it) Enormously. It was a genuine pleasure being in that group.

Having had a 5:00am start, I was knackered once we finished -- but the time seemed to fly by.

Very good (locations), it was a great way to discover new areas of the forest

The small group (4) format is really good for regular 1:1 attention -- and the personalities worked well, so there was useful discussion Q & A within the group.

I was never bored, there was always something for me to do or think about
It was a full day and I found the time about right.

A small group of people enabled you Ian to address us all as individuals which was great

Loved the locations. So grateful to have the research done for me (lazy I know) and great to be transported everywhere by you.

I had a bit of difficulty getting my head around the first location -- but that may just have been me taking time to get my eye in. The others were excellent.

Loads and loads of things to bear in mind. I'll not forget one of your mantras "check the focus". If only......

I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot, both about how to use my camera, and new techniques. The day inspired me to take more pictures, and to better understand my camera to improve my pictures. Landscapes are my favourite sort of photo and it was very useful to learn about singling out a particular item of the landscape to make a more impactful picture. It was a good reminder about how to take an original picture - eg from a different view point, by varing depth of field. One thing I would say is that breakfast was highly welcome, but also a surprise to me!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and the group. Although I think I have a broad idea of what I'm supposed to be doing your constant input was very much required to make me aware of all the things one must check before pressing the shutter. It is obvious to me that I must "get out and do more" if I am to improve so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I would do more workshops with you especially ones locally. I think you offer excellent value for money as you keep group sizes small and you work very hard to help us improve. All those little questions you drop in from time to time make one really think.

I liked the early start, to see different perspective + loved the locations

The location was important, as love and feel comfortable within the New Forest. Now look at all 'through new eyes - where did all those mushrooms come from!!!

The day was great fun as well as informative - just the right way to learn!

Really lovely. Each location was slightly different from the previous one, but we didn't waste time travelling far between each one.

There was so much for me to soak up and take away to practice, without feeling bombarded.

It was certainly not too long. I personally could have stayed longer but it was probably just right. We never felt rushed.

I liked that the day was conducted in a fun and informal way, with enough leaway to experiment. Although I feel I only have a few really good photos, this is partly because I am now looking at them with a more critical eye and can see where they could have been improved. I can learn a lot from the not so good shots and hopefully see where I have gone wrong. I have learnt that I must constantly check the settings and "tweak" them when necessary. I have a better understanding of the histogram, focal points and exposure and feel more confident to use them. I think I know where my weaknesses are (eyesight for one) and need to get to grips with manual focusing, focal length and composition. It has really spurred me on to get out with the camera more and hopefully practice will make (almost) perfect! It would love to go on to learn more and be a good photographer.

I was more interested in the work we undertook in amongst the trees of the forest . . looking at a range of close-up and more distant subjects.

(The time was ) about right . . although I felt pretty tired at the end of it all!

Good help with learning more about composition . . and about the technical aspects relating to focus and exposure.

A nice mix of practical activity and instruction with a significant amount of one-to-one attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, particularly the relaxed but informative style. Plenty of 1:1 throughout the day. I certainly came away understanding a lot more about my camera, composition and use of light.

Lake District October 2010

Having you, Ian, continually advising on camera settings and composition (using the best light and the places where sunlight was hitting) was extremely beneficial and made the course much better than those of competitors.

We are all busy people and we were away 3 very full days.The area was so good that a few more days would have been very enjoyable, but not easily fitted into one's life.

Excellent (locations) - have not stopped talking about it to friends (and anyone else who will listen)

The venue was wonderful - the Lakes in Autumn - I learnt how to take photos in very low light, how to relate Depth of Field to shutter speed - it was extremely good value for money and was just what I should have done years ago and can't wait for the next Badley experience.

Very full on!

I felt that I learned more on this workshop than any of the previous ones I have participated in, mainly due to having the extra time. It helped doing pre shoot planning.

Company TeamBuilding Day - September 2010

My objectives were primarily to see the team interact away from a working environment to help strengthen the personal relationships that exist and to observe them interacting with each other. Tick, tick, tick!

The team objectives were very clear, and I feel that all of the team demonstrated this by the photos that were bought back to the barn. Excellent team building event, it really allowed the team to see each others potentials with communication, skills to work individually and as team members, it was fantastic overall

I enjoyed the challenge of looking at everyday objects in an abstract manner. As someone who considers himself not at all ‘arty’ I impressed myself!

What is instantly evident is that some people are feeling more part of a team than they were before the event. For a sales force spread as far and wide as my lot, it was great to get together in civvies and just enjoy ourselves with phones off and ‘out of office’ messages on e-mail.

Very enjoyable day. Good fun and the day also allowed me to leave with a little more knowledge about photography.

The Barn was the perfect venue for such an event. It was totally in keeping with the feel of the day and as for the lunch .............well!!....I am still drooling over the thought of the fresh from oven homemade pork pies and the rest of the ploughmans was also very tasty. My thanks to The landlord of the Royal Oak.

All of the locations chosen were beautiful and the photographic opportunities were abundant. I was articularly impressed seeing the Sow and her myriad of piglets – a sight I had never before seen in the New Forest.

I think the day in total was perfectly timed. A large dose of fresh air and sunshine and everyone had a great complexion when we returned to the hotel....not quite as rosie as some were by the end of th evening...but then they were white on Friday!!

The format was great, very informative and of great benefit to all

The day certainly exceeded my expectations

The locations for the shots were beautiful, I am still wowed now by the new forest. What a stunning location to have on your doorstep

The barn and refreshments were beautiful. The lunch was really tasty, compliments to the chef on the pork pies, I am still talking about them now to my family members

The session was definitely instructive enough photography wise, I know that the rest of the group are still talking the lingo and will take it with us for the future. I know I am definitely inspired to learn more

The time was definitely about right, we braked at an appropriate time making us all ready for the afternoon session, it was perfect

I found learning about photography in different lighting and the rule of 3rds of most interest to myself and feel these may have been my biggest fall backs prior to the training

A day on the Solent - August 2010

Many thanks for a superb day - organisation and execution were 1st class

Overall the workshop can only be described as brilliant and something I will remember forever. The good things were the other members of the course who did not fight for position or block the view and in this respect seven photographers were just about right. Had the weather been better then the opportunity was there to go on the top deck which would have been fun but since it would only take one or two at a time this may have been a problem. Better to ban everyone since the lower level gave a very good platform to photograph from. The extras supplied by you – flapjacks and bananas plus the frequent cup of coffee brewed by the crew – were very welcome.

Thank you for another great day out. I really need to find a way to do less work and more photo shoots.

What did you find most interesting?
Being so close to the action. Racing alongside the Americas Cup yachts was great.

The activity and buzz around us. I'm used to working in much quieter surroundings like deserted beaches!

(The) tips before we started were very helpful.
(It was) more instructive than what I was expecting to be honest as it was sold as a "join me" rather than a workshop

As usual, you gave us just enough (information) to chew on but not too much so that we could concentrate on creating the shots

You were there to answer questions whenever we had them and offered some great advice during the day about what to beware of as well as pointing out great photo opps to us.

What did you think of the locations?
Great. Well researched as ever.

It was a great day - really well researched, unusual shooting location, lots of opportunity to try and get some great shots

It was a great and unusual experience that is hard to organise yourself.

First, it was a unique experience and very special. Second the day posed a number of challenges of which the most difficult - at least for oldies like me - was maintaining a balance long enough to execute the shot. Third, I learned more about the D3, especially the use of the six different focusing modes on an unstable platform - it was like trying to focus on a fast moving object while jumping up and down on a trampoline !!

Overall I had another excellent day out. I find your personality and manner to be good humoured, informative and entertaining (in a good way!) and you are an excellent host.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and loved every minute of it (even getting wet!). I can honestly say the only bit I didn't like was going home.
I learnt about the importance of "peak of the action", keeping a constant eye on your setting and histograms, watch the light at all times and trying to look 365degs at all times trying to predict what will happen.

I found the day very valuable because I came with an aim for learning more how to do action shots in a fast moving situation. I realised that the D3's focusing system is amazing and, at least on the long distance shots, the auto-focus mode was better than me trying to position the focus area precisely while the boat was moving around. I also learned the benefit of patience - you had to wait for the shot to emerge, although I did finish up with a collection of 500 images of which about 200 are usable. The trip down to the Needles was fun and I'm glad we did it even though it was very bumpy. The colours in the cliffs are spectacular and I nearly sent one of my shots to you with the cliffs as background. Plus the view of the Needles from the boat is itself unusual.

It was a great day out and the opportunity to get some unique images whilst having an expert on hand to answer any questions and help out where needed

A really good day out.
In this particular session I learned the value of high shutter speed and I finally got to grips with the "AI Servo" focus mode on my camera. The tip of moving the focus point to the bottom was invaluable also.

It was really good to get some unique shots of the various boats and be in the thick of the action.

Overall, highly recommended.

'One to One' - May 10

Very enjoyable, I will be doing another one as soon as I have the time & you bring the coffee & flapjacks!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day, the tuition was good, I liked being able to ask questions & get them answered in both verbally & demonstrated how to carry them out.
Once again, thanks for every thing

New Forest in Spring - May 2010

What did you find most interesting?
The insight into composition and the different places we went to.

The photo method - actually training us to look for the image we want to take and composing the image in our mind prior to getting the camera out - this was equally as good as the more technical tips which were provided throughout the day.

And the most boring?
I cannot think of anything that I found boring.

Nothing - it was a 100% fantastic day

The time seemed to be just right, I felt exhausted at the end though. There was a lot of information to process.

We were really tired but happy at the end of the day.

I prefer this format to the classroom format. I find that I learn better this way. It was also flexible to get the most out of the day.

(The instruction was) First rate

You were able to give us group tuition and also go through things with us individually.

The locations were good, not crowded, and well thought out.

Good - knowing the new forest I liked going to locations which were not over stocked with tourists.

I really enjoyed the hands on experience of the day, with someone that could share their professional experience with us. The day was structured but at the same time it was flexible to accomodate what we wanted to do, and also to get the most out of the light and animals. The flapjacks were great. I hope that I can keep remembering the advice that you have given us to create better photos. It was a great day, and I would recommend it highly. I would also like to do this again one day.

Helen and I are quite new to photography and although we have a BASIC understanding of our cameras functions we were a milliion miles away from being able to produce the shots that we came away with after this day in the new forest. The day was fantastic in terms of weather and locations. The format of the day was driven by the very small number of attendees (3 of us) and the instruction was given to account for this. The tuition was provided in easy to understand terms and was very practical and hands on. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and one which has inspired us to continue and improve our photography

'Join Me' - Bluebells - May 2010

Most interesting? Work on composition. (And blurred verticals!!!)

Patience and clear explanations were so reassuring.

Location was Superb
Stunning. So enjoyable.

I thought it was excellent, particularly as, technically, it was a "Join Me" event. I enjoy the freedom you offer where you provide some input and then give as much time as we need to practise, either with you, or a bit further along the path.

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Impressed by foreward planning and
organisation of the day ( obviously aware of what the location could offer -well researched/visited)

Individual help was so beneficial. I realised the importance of routine in taking a photograph, checking each shot, waiting for the
light on the subject and most important ...looking for the right composition. "Less is more" was the phrase I remember.

'Join Me' - Hengistbury Head May 2010

The evening was great

Locations? Fantastic – I’ll us it again.

Did you gain from the experience?
Yes, reminder about checking the details / distractions around the edges of compositions, better understanding of exposing to the right

A Day in Dorset with Bluebells April 2010

Locations (were) Stunningly beautiful and excellent for making us think about the images

Really good with plenty of interest and challenging

It was good to be able to ask daft questions without feeling foolish. You deserve a medal for patience too!

I leant about the every day routine you need to think about to get a good balanced photo. How to get the best from a frame and what aspects to take into consideration from the light to the composition.

A fantastic day with end to end learning.

I thought the day was a fantastic learning opportunity. I was suprised when we got to the first location and were told we wouldn't need the cameras. However, all became clear when Ian asked us to analyse the scene, to think about the best time of day for images and the composition of an image and, as i mentioned earlier, these times turned out to be the most informative for me. At the other locations we were left to our own devices for a short time and allowed to make our own "mistakes" then Ian stepped in and put over his point of view. I can't think of a single occasion over the whole day where i disagreed with Ians thoughts and opinions. The most important thing i learned was that "Less Is More" but there was so much information passed on that it would take far too long to list here!

Very informative

Enjoyed it all

This was an opportunity to compare and contrast my particular style and approach with an expert and others within the group, things I have learnt and will be taking away are to consider less is more, shoot pictures in apperture priority and to look at saving some images in raw files. Thanks again for a fantastic day which was both enjoyable and informative.

The format was great and i felt it was laid back enough to be flexible, which is why all the timings when to pot but that was a good thing.

The flapjack was amazing!!!....It was a great day out and is the best workshop i have attended. the technical information about raw files etc we talked about in the car i found broke the travelling up and we were learning at the same time. I learnt that less is more and to work out the photo before i look through the view finder.

Everything (was interesing) as digital was new to me

I enjoyed the workshop, though had forgotten how much you like us to work. I thought the content was good, & the company too - though guess you haven't much control over that. The only criticism, is as I mentioned above, by the end of the day the brain was so stuffed it had begun to stop retaining things. I picked up a couple of techniques / ideas that I hadn't thought of before, & your insights/experience are most helpful.

The group was the right size. I could have started earlier although I know that's not always possible for others. I learnt a lot about digital and I have a lot more to learn. It was a great fun day out and I will book again.

Jersey March 2010

I very much enjoyed the format, the group was very friendly and a nice number so that we were all able to have individual attention. I hope I have learnt to take a more considered approach to my photography and think carefully about composition and exposures. Lunch was good too!

Fantastic experience

What did you find most interesting?
All of it, but especially looking at composition, the importance of exposure and its effects.

Ian, many thanks for a great day, we learnt a lot and spent Sunday putting everything into practice.

I learnt a great deal especially about composure and lighting and thought you were easy to get on with and not arrogant and too boring like i thought it might be.

Many thanks Ian for a brilliant weekend you always exceed my expectations and very much look forward to coming on another one of your workshops in the mainland

You always exceed my expectations, you make me feel comfortable to ask questions, looking forward to the next one

I learnt a great deal especially about composure and lighting thought you were easy to get on with and not arrogant and too boring like I thought it might be.

Taking note of the way light falls at different times of the day was v useful.

Last year it was all new to me so it was good to go over again and to find that it all made better sense this year.

The 2:1 worked well for me as I go out shooting on a regular basis so it means we can check with each other about what we've learnt Ashamed to say that we both visited places we didn't even knew existed even though between us we have lived on a Island 7x9 miles for 104years!!

An extremely well presented workshop and lots of patience!!

All very enjoyable

The beach opened our eyes as first impressions was that here was not a lot to take. But your guidance and instrucion soon opened our eyes - even if we have a lot of photographs of stones in the middle of the frame!!!!!!!

The day was excellent - thank you. I do not need to add a lot, only ot say that we would like to attend further courses as the day was quite inspirational.

One to One session, February 2010

Did you gain from the experience?
Most definitely, I spent the weekend practising what I'd learned (as instructed!) and found myself being much more attentive to detail.

booked a 1:1 day with Ian following a very interesting workshop last October. This time I wanted to concentrate my mind on improving the composition of my photographs and really "see" the picture I wanted to get. Ian has a unique manner, he calmly and methodically took me through the thought process and practice of assessing the viability of a scene, choosing the best view point (or points) and making sure that the essential elements were captured. One of the main strengths of Ian's teaching skills is his technique of regularly questioning, to both assess knowledge and push his students that bit further with their thought process.
Another very important factor in Ian's workshops is that he doesn't carry any camera equipment of his own, (other than to illustrate a point - ed), the day is totally dedicated to the instruction of his pupils, something which I have really come to appreciate having attended other similar workshops.
Ian is a very knowledgeable photographer and thankfully for students like me, he's only too happy and willing to impart this knowledge to others.
Thank you, once again Ian for an excellent day.

Corfe and Kimmeridge - February 10

It was great to spend the time really getting used to the Camera. The composition exercise at Corfe was very worthwhile.

For me it was an enjoyable and profitable day. I learned much about the attention to detail required for a good standard of landscape work. I also learned bits about my own equipment which I ought to have known already and am determined to improve on this aspect as well.

Enjoyed them all, (locations) once we got up the hill!

'Join Me'- New Forest - January 10

Most interesting? The demonstration of how to get the blue of the coldness into the photos

Most interesting? Composition, especially taking time before the shot and checking the viewfinder for annoying items on the edge of the frame.

Most interesting? Listening to the others' take on a location. Interesting that we all see such different things.

Most interesting?The landscape photography and watching the way the light changed the scene

I liked the pond areas the best but I would being Pisces.

Found the whole thing very enjoyable; company was pleasant and I was pleased with the amount of time you gave us – I thought it would be more restricted. Landscape session before 9 was great, and the walk to the first lake and the pictures there also good.

Another excellent shoot with several new techniques to consider & experiment with.

Thoroughly enjoyable to look at locations with the help of a trained eye and appreciate that the camera doesn't provide the finished print. The opportunity to walk around the pond looking for pictures with the other folk was good. Coffee and flapjacks most welcome on a cold morning. There was nothing I didn't enjoy.

I really enjoyed the morning, although it was over far too quickly! Although you were there to get your own shots, you still had plenty of time to explain what you were doing, answer our questions and give us the opportunity to try the shots for ourselves. The exercise by the 2nd lake was very useful. It really made us think and assess the scene rather than just randomly start 'snapping' and it also gave an interesting insight to hear what other people saw in a scene.

Excellent, excellent morning.... And thanks to your wife for the great flapjacks - it almost worth coming on these mornings just for that!

'Join Me'- New Forest - December 09

I really enjoyed the morning. Learnt plenty, loved the location and didn't feel I couldn't ask daft questions!

I'm very impressed with your easy going, very clear, teaching style

I don't think I can fault these "Join Me" trips at all. They are exactly what I want - most importantly the right light - expert knowlege of locations, expert tuition. For my requirement - just perfect.

It did reinforce the whole thing of planning a shoot; knowing where the sun would be at what time; where it would be casting it's light etc etc. I am learning so much all of the time.

Corfe and Kimmeridge - December 09

Thanks for another stimulating and thought provoking day yesterday

I was exhausted at the end of the day but it was so worthwhile.

Did you enjoy the format? Again perfect - good group size. The structure of the sessions - theory, doing, reflection - worked well. Breaking the day into Corfe, Kimmeridge 1 and Kimmeridge 2 worked well and prevented information over load

I was able to consolidate many of the things we had covered in previous workshops and then move them on to the next level. I enjoyed thinking through the compositional aspects and listening to you talk through how you would see it - this was really helpful. The limpet pool exercise was also useful.

Overall these workshops are increasingly helping me to refine what I enjoy photographing and decide what doesn't particularly inspire me.

I really enjoyed the day - and more importantly learned a lot. Thank you again. Even the rain added a different dimension

Although I've been taught the "theory", it's so much easier to understand "in the field".

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, from a friendly greeting when I arrived, a hot drink, flapjack and a chance to meet my fellow students. We had reasonable weather for the time of year but I felt that perhaps this wasn't going to be the day I got "the shot of a lifetime". Ian explained that the day was primarily a tutorial, equipping us with the knowledge to be able to return to the location in more favourable conditions in our own time.
Ian's knowledge of landscape photography is very evident in his excellent teaching manner, whilst he asked me questions about how I was going about taking photographs, he was assessing the extent of my knowledge and building very carefully and constructively on that ensuring that I understood the terminology. Despite worsening weather, we were able to get a full day's photography in before heading back to the car for a warm drink (flapjack) and summary of the day's tuition. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, I am sure that I will benefit from Ian's advice each time I take my camera out into the landscape again and really look forward to my next workshop.

Portland Bill - November 09

Excellent locations

An excellent day (the best to date) which was greatly added to by the Force 8 winds at Portland Bill & the perfect lighting conditions we unexpectedly got. I gained a great deal from the advice given to me about composition of my photos.

Durdle Door - November 09

As this was my first workshop I was not sure what to expect, your approach suited my needs and the fact that you ensured that I understood what you were trying to teach me was excellent - thanks!

For me about right the amount of information you gave managed to stick in my head to a certain extent. Senior moments excepted!

The overall experience was far beyond my expectations - I had no clue as to what I was letting myself in for and was although I was a little shocked at the interrogation as soon as we left Ringwood, I can see why you do it! The day proved to be extremely informative your ability to pick up on the best way to get it into my head was well achieved. I had hoped to have put the knowledge to good use by now but circumstances and weather have not permitted this. I would like to thank you loads for the day and the information and practical help and hopefully I will repeat the experience in the not too far distant future.

Autumn Colours - New Forest October 09

For me the workshop was a complete success, very well organised with good planning and brilliantly excecuted. I came away with plenty of new ideas on composition and exposure and a few of my old concepts completely blown out of the water! The only short coming was my own fault - lackof familiarity with the camera, you think you know how it all works until you have a professional looking over your shoulder asking awkward questions. But never mind, I enjoyed the experience.

The student/instructor ratio was just right.

There was a lot of information to take in but anyone with some enthusiasm for the subject should be able to cope quite comfortably.

Beautiful (locations). We were spoilt for choice in the forest

The group size was perfect. If I had turned up at a workshop that was the size of that other group we saw, I would have been very disappointed

It was very good for information

I thought they (locations) were perfect for capturing the Autumn colours in the Forest. It did exactly what it said on the tin!

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would definitely attend another one. I picked up tips on composition, learning that it is better to leave things out rather than trying to cram too much in, less is more. The group size was just right. It was nice to spend time taking photos in the Forest with like minded people, rather than dragging my partner out early in the morning when he'd much rather stay in bed! The locations were excellent. And, of course, the flap jack was delicious!

(Locations) They were great – well researched

I really appreciated the work on composing the shot, and honing in on interesting features.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day even with the somewhat damp start,it was good to see how you can be at a location and then break it down into several pieces that can offer different photographic options. The other aspect that was very useful was the idea of using different aspects of the scene as lead-ins to the picture. All in all another great day and look forward to booking another workshop in the future.

"Lake District - October 09"

Thanks again for a fantastic trip to the Lakes - exceeded all my expectations! It took my skills to a new level and I now feel in total control of my camera and the process of making great images. Also really enjoyed your company and had a good time really exploring those areas of the Lakes - Bravo! (I've made it my mission to get all my photo friends on your workshops!)

"Long Day on the Isle of Wight - September 09"

Did you enjoy the Workshop?
Yes very much indeed, the light was not brilliant but it was a great day out, I learned a lot and you and the other students were great company.

The field craft and the technical aspects of planning, location scouting was very interesting and I liked the way that you gave us little exercises.

All in all I had an excellent day out. I really like the format and one of the reasons I come on workshops is because it gives me the motivation to get up at silly-o-clock to catch the light and also the locations have been pre-scouted saving me the hassle (those two alone make it worth the fee never mind the instruction on top as well!).

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who knows their way around their camera and is interested in landscape photography. The day is friendly, motivating and informative. You have a wealth of information and experience and are great at explaining things - even at 5:00 in the morning!

I learned a lot about location scouting, the importance of light and the ideas of filling space in the image. There is one scene in particular where you were helping me on Ryde Pier. Kept all of the images where I started and then 5 images later got the composition you were coaching me for. Seeing the progression from the original to the one that "works" is great for me to see, after the event.

Looking forward to another one.

My expected period of tiredness came and went without too much difficulty, to my pleasant surprise. You are governed by the seasonal timings of dawn and dusk, so the main thing is to make sure that there is a "low-pressure" period for the batteries to recharge a bit.

"One to One"

I had a brilliant day. Ian, you were an excellent and patient teacher. I really enjoyed myself. I was so immersed in what we were doing that day-to-day life seemed a million miles away which was fantastic. The day was a good combination of teaching and practising, the locations were varied and well thought out and Ian was good company. I learnt a lot more about my camera than I'd expected to. Shot composition and seeing things differently were my favourite parts.

Heather Workshop August 2009

(What did you find boring?) I’ll get back to on this one? Still working on it? Nope still cant think of one? Ok only as its all I can think of and it wasn’t boring, it was kind of interesting to be honest, but it wasn’t me behind my camera, that was the time spent looking at how you manage your workload with lightroom

(Information provided?) You can never have to much information (unless you're from the US or a bad engineer or worse both) That said its not the amount or information its the quality and with that said you have a very good “Opinion”

What did you think of the locations? Very Good

At my level there was very little I can pick fault with. I like the way you don’t humour or patronise just because we paid you money but in the same respect you don’t overly criticise or slate just because you could. The lessons on composition were what I was after the most and I wasn’t disappointed with what I came away with. And the pearls of wisdom on images that you could easily miss when working later in the day.

Guests are asked to send in 5 images from the day:
Aha only being able to submit 5 photos ha! ha! finally found something to moan about……
Do you have any Idea how hard this is, only five out of 450 that’s just not fair…………..ok only 50 are worth a second look and probably only 10 my wife would hang on our wall but you have no idea how fussy my wife is…..I’m normally lucky to get 1 out of 50 I take that she likes..

I benefited very much from your experience not just about our kit and techniques but also about what works for you generally.

Cowes August 2009

It was a really good day out. We had great location and subjects and I learnt more about the camera (histograms), composition, timing, looking for the good shot. It was really helpful and should enable me to improve my technique.

(What did you find most boring?) I’ll get back to on this one? Still working on it? Nope still cant think of one? Ok, only as its all I can think of and it wasn’t boring, it was kind of interesting to be honest, but it wasn’t me behind my camera, this was the time spent looking at how you manage your workload with lightroom.

At my level there was very little I can pick fault with. I like the way you don’t humour or patronise just because we paid you money but in the same respect you don’t overly criticise or slate just because you could. The lessons on composition were what I was after the most and I wasn’t disappointed with what I came away with. And the pearls of wisdom on images that you could easily miss when working later in the day. Aha only being able to submit 5 photos ha! ha! finally found something to moan about……

I enjoyed the day very much & although I did not get as many good shots as I would have hoped I learnt a lot & know exactly where I was going wrong.

(I found it most interesting about) the advice given me about using a high shutter speed, exposure compensation and the review of the photos on camera on the boat back. I also found it very interesting to see your pics of the day to see what I could have done to improve my images.

(Too much or too little information?) You can never have to much information (unless your from the US or a bad engineer or worse both) That said its not the amount or information its the quality and with that said you have a very good “Opinion”

At my level there was very little I can pick fault with. I like the way you don’t humour or patronise just because we paid you money but in the same respect you don’t overly criticise or slate just because you could. The lessons on composition were what I was after the most and I wasn’t disappointed with what I came away with. And the pearls of wisdom on images that you could easily miss when working later in the day.

(Guests are asked to submit 5 images from the day after the event..)
Aha only being able to submit 5 photos ha! ha! finally found something to moan about……
Do you have any Idea how hard this is, only five out of 450 that’s just not fair…………..ok only 50 are worth a second look and probably only 10 my wife would hang on our wall but you have no idea how fussy my wife is…..I’m normally lucky to get 1 out of 50!

I found the info just right - it enabled me to concentrate on just a couple of aspects of my photography at one go and thus I learnt a lot on the day - any info that educates me & improves my photography is ok by me. Thank you for the help you gave me.

I thought the day was excellent made all the better by the weather & perfect skies - well done that man for getting it just right!!!!!!!!!! The variety of photography during the day was very good & did not in any way lead to boredom. The locations that we were taken to were spot on and gave us all the opportunity to get the best shots we could that day providing individuals techniques were up to scratch - not always the case for me. However, the best part of the day for me was that I came away knowing how to improve a few of my techniques & thus fulfilled my aim for the day - learn something to improve my photography. The things that I learnt were how to set the camera up for fast shutter speed photos, get the correct exposure compensation settings (took a bit for me to get to grips with that but with your help I sorted it in my mind eventually) and although I did not realise at the time I learnt on the return boat trip that if I had set the ISO correctly I would have got a higher f stop for faster shutter speed & would have got a lot less out of focus pics as a result - all hopefully now stored in the brain for the next shoot. The other thing that I learnt I think is to be patient to get a few good shots & not take a lot of shots that are only going to be ditched. I always think that if I do not shoot a lot I will always miss the good shot whereas I learnt it is a question of anticipating the good shot before it happens. All in all a really great day for me that gave me very good value for my money.

Jersey June 09

I learnt a lot, hopefully with your bullet points you showed us I will remember most of it. It’s given me the confidence to play with the various buttons. Taught me a lot about what makes a good landscape, not just a record snap. Hopefully one day I will take a good landscape with that wow factor. Although I was very tired before I started the course, I really did enjoy it.

I thought the workshop was excellent; you were very enthusiastic and helpful. The people on the workshop were friendly and it was nice having the social aspect too - ie chatting and eating! I have learnt about my AV settings,what the histogram means, taking parts of the whole picture, changing light conditions and when to take pictures.

Everything was interesting - it was all completely relevant to what I needed to know

Fulfilled my expectations perfectly, a really good day out and very good value (No, not a relative! – Ian)

I am feeling a lot more confident using the camera on the manual functions. Rather than thinking that picture will never work I try and remember what I’ve been taught to make it work. I also look at the composition much more critically. I enjoyed all of it.

Very glad to have revisited info you covered last time round. Needed reminding.

Thank you for such a special day on Sunday. I learnt so much.

I’ve bulleted below my responses to your questions:

I found a number of elements interesting - the histograms and learning about the technical aspects of my camera: but in particular I was interested in the composition of shots – what to look for, the process of analysing and ‘dialling out’.
I can honestly say I found nothing boring in the whole day
The timing of the day was again perfect. I learnt a lot in the time, although any longer and I may just have been on overload!

You made it a priority to assess where I was prior to that day through our phone discussion, the pre course email and discussion at the start of the day.
As a result of this you had sharp objectives and made it clear to me exactly what we were going to do and what I should expect to be able to do by the end of the session. You also gave me a clear outline of the day in terms of timings.

The pace of the day was good – there was time to learn and practise without feeling rushed but you moved it on when appropriate. You encouraged me to be independent – to have a go - and you valued my ideas so that I didn’t feel I was useless or daunted by the amount of things I didn’t know! But you didn’t allow me to rely on your knowledge too much.

At the end of each mini task you summarised the learning and involved me in that process so that I was clear what I had achieved before moving on. I think that added to the positive feel of the day.

The tasks were all different and in different contexts which enabled me to enjoy the forest as well as enjoy the learning – of course the weather added to this!

The lunchtime pub session was good – a really lovely place to eat. The laptop session consolidated learning in a different way and I was able to apply the knowledge I’d gained in the morning to a critical evaluation of some of your photos. Understanding the physics of the camera also helped me understand some of the reasons why aperture etc were important, how it related to the timing of the shutter opening etc.

You gave lots of praise where appropriate and gave constant feedback on how I was doing so that I knew exactly what I had to work on.

At the end of the day the final ‘pine tree in the hollow’ task pulled all the learning points together. This was followed by a final summary on the laptop of all I’d learned.

Finally the expectation of giving feedback and five photos provided me with a chance to reflect on my own learning.

I loved it! Thank you so much – I look forward to the next time.

Previous Workshops

The most interesting part of the day was trying to capture the image during the morning light and also photographing the ponies!

I was most impressed and really enjoyed Ian's constant, tireless advice - even in the car driving along pointing things out and prompting us to think. For me what stood out was the way Ian summed up the entire day on the way back; taking us through each scene and reminding us of the lessons learnt - that really helped reinforce the experience and knowledge gained

The information and advice got me thinking in different ways about basics which I thought I'd mastered already. It challenged me about what I'm doing, how, and importantly why - before I even approach the tripod

Learning that photography is possible in all conditions and improving my composition, using filters and exposure compensation

Tips on how to compose and frame subject matter within a shot. learning to take more time to get the shot you want instead of regretting it later. Focusing my attention on how I take photos rather than just taking them. Chatting to Ian to gain insights into the pro photographer's mind. Being next to a choppy sea at dawn was pretty amazing also.
I liked being challenged to think outside of the box, look at scenes differently and find your own point of interest.
I enjoyed having to think about composition at the lifeboat station, and also the exercise where we had to decide times of year/sunrise or sunset.

There were no moments that were boring!

It was a long day, ('A Long Day on the Isle of Wight), but it obviously needed to be to cover as much as we did. I think we were all prepared for that, so i would say it was just right for people enthusiastic to catch sun rise & sun set shots and everything in between!

Ian was instructive in a positive manner, providing guidance and constructive criticism when necessary. A very useful part was allowing the person to practice what they have been taught so as to put into practice

Your tuition is always very though and informative.

The amount of information was perfect. Ian explained photography very well indeed with good questioning to check if the person is learning!
I particularly like the way you raised questions instead of simply lecturing (this was much more interesting)

The locations were nice, especially Keyhaven.

Fantastic! Loved Portland Bill & am looking forward to going back. Durdle door was good also, but I hate hills so it lost points there!

Excellent, well researched I thought.

Great, I think the variety in locations and what they had to offer was brilliant

Perfect, the flapjacks deserve their reputation!
Satisfactory refreshments as always

It was a perfect birthday present, perfectly executed. Thanks.

Overall the workshop went very well. I learnt a lot about composition which was my weaker area. Also Ian explained very well the technical information about aperture, shutter speed and how to use them to create different effects. The most important lesson that I took away with me was to know in your mind what it is you want to photograph and to create the image mentally and then capture it using the camera

The workshop was fantastic, better than anything I had hoped for. Ian got really involved in our learning, challenging everyone to think about their photography in many new ways. You came away feeling privileged to have spent a day being taught the insiders secrets and being shown beautiful parts of the country, including Ian's own favourite locations.

I've learnt to slow down, think about what I'm doing and why - what do I want to achieve? Then using all the tools around me and on my camera to capture that in the image.

I came, uncomfortable with my level of photographic knowledge and familiarity with my new camera. I left with much more knowledge and more comfortable with my camera's settings and operation. It is only a first step and I look forward to taking more.


Both Richard (my son) and I enjoyed it despite the rain. I learnt a lot more about composition and not to rush. Many thanks again
The workshop actually exceeded my expectations by a long way. You showed a genuine interest in each shot and provided valuable critique throughout.

Taking the shot as you normally would, asking how it could be done better, and then actually re-shooting it there and then is a great way of learning. By comparing two shots its very easy to see the improvement and justify that little bit of extra effort. Practicing for a whole day really helps improve knowledge of the camera and technical ability quickly, so that it becomes almost second nature.

By offering each bit of advise as a question (rhetorical or otherwise), it provokes thought, and thinking about what you are doing more seems to be the key to improving quickly. I ended the day seeing things differently and already thinking about plans for my next shoot, which is all I could have hoped for in this kind of workshop.

The workshop was very informative and aimed at all levels. I am not one for picking up a book and learning that way, but can do that having been shown something. Having done an intensive photographic course 15 years ago and then gone digital, I had forgotten lots of thinhs learnt previously but this weekend has brought it all back, as well as the enthusiasm. I am wanting to learn more and progress my photography even further, but through the camera not on the computor.

Thanks for what I did learn, am now trying to take more time to plan my shots and work from Aperture rather than just letting the camera chose. (Sadly camera still better than me!)

Thanks for another great day yesterday, Wetherspoons was a real 'find'! Got home at about 21:30, tired and ready for a glass of wine. Hope to see you again soon and also that your trip to Spain goes well.

I leant to keep the emphasis on less is more, be more selective. Ian's tuition is great in encouraging you to find the most original way of capturing a scene and utilising what you see even if it is not at first glance an obvious choice.

I enjoyed all the exercises - the pier, lifeboat staion etc. Had to think about photos instead of snapping away. And of course the

Ian, I had an excellent day thank you. It was well paced and interesting.